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Everything I’m going to suggest is stuff I would use as a bona fide member of the senior staff of the human race. I used to resist being called a senior, but hey, I get discounts, and young people usually break land speed records to open doors for me when I’m having a bad knee day.

I’m still a very young senior, so I’m also including items I would gift to my older friends and family.

Two things I want you to remember if you have an older person on your gift list. They relish human kindness more than any expensive token. Spending time with them, driving them to the grocery store or doctor, or washing their dog would be a great gift.

The other thing is this. Most older people are on a fixed income, but on the plus side, we also have most everything we need to live, so our spending needs revolve around groceries or maintaining the car. If you don’t know what to get your favorite senior, a gift card to their grocery store or car care shop is a good alternative.

I think the hard thing for older people is for others to see them as old or infirm. If you get them a “practical” gift, don’t forget to include a fun gift too, so they know you don’t see them as a burden.

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Here are my ideas for seniors.

Garden bench/kneeler  I’m actually buying this for my mother. She’s in her 80s but she still loves to putter in the garden. This will make it easier for her to get around.
• Rub Away Bar  This removes odor from your hands after you’ve finished chopping garlic or preparing fish.
• Magnifying Glass  I have one in nearly every room in my house and in my car. It’s a must-have.
• Extra long shoe horn  It might seem silly to you, but it’s handier than you think for those who can’t bend like they used to.

Funny t-shirt
Teak shower bench  We have one of these. Very stable and handy. Good indoors or out.
Digital Frame I know at least one grandma who absolutely loves this thing.
Knee Pillow  I found this by accident, but I can see how it would help a lot.

Orthopedic Seat Cushion  If you know anyone who suffers from sciatica or other back pain, this will help.
Wine  This one is a Sangria. I don’t know much about wine, but this is Greg’s current favorite. Seniors know how to drink!
Fruit and Nut Basket
Roomba  I’ve talked about the Roomba before. Here is my review. It’s an awfully nice gift for those with mobility issues.
TENS Unit  For pain management. After my knee surgery this was the best thing my orthopedic surgeon prescribed for me. It gives electrical stimulation to sore muscles, improving circulation and healing. I still use mine.

 Gift Cards
Cheesecake Factory
Whole Foods

Jo Anne Fabrics
Southwest Airlines

Amazon Gift Cards
• Amazon Prime  Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime
Regal Movie Theaters
AMC Movie Theaters





What was the best gift you ever gave to an older friend or relative?

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    • Mike: One of these days we have to catalog our dvd collection.

      It is vast. Fortunately, I buy the majority of them at garage sales so even if I watch it once, I’ve spent at most a dollar. Far cheaper than renting.

      re: garden kneeler
      I might buy this for myself too.

  1. All great gift ideas. When my mom was still alive, I would send her a roll of stamps for Christmas. She would still write cards and letters to family members and also word search puzzle books. She liked to do them to keep her mind “active”.


  2. Betty – I like the stamps idea. Especially when neat ones come out during the year. I could stock up!

    I may go the gift route this year for my mom. She likes to shop at Trader Joes and I see there’s an Ulta near her. I may just get a gift of meat/cheese/nuts for Dad. He doesn’t go out much anymore, but still loves to eat!

    • Stacy: That’s like my mom too. She likes to shop at Whole Foods and visit Ulta when my sisters take her.

      I’m more of a nut and fruit person. I’ve never liked those sausage packages they sell. They taste horrendous. Either that or I’ve had bad luck with them.

  3. I got a digital frame for my dad one year and loaded it with an assortment of pictures. Every six months I’d “borrow” it back for a day and load in a fresh batch.

    And when Stan was laid up, our son gave him three months of streaming Netflix. Now he’s hooked on binge watching and loves it.

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