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gift-guidesHaving been an author myself, I know how hard it is to get exposure. Readers too have it hard because there’s such a thing as too much choice. Where to start?

Today, let’s start here. If you love books and want to encourage the joy of reading, do an author a favor and share this link on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Buy a book this Christmas, even if it’s for yourself.

Next to leaving a review, the nicest thing you can do for an author is spread the word.

It’s Christmas! Let’s share. While it’s too late to add any more books to this post, if you have a book you’d like to tell people about, feel free to include a link to your book in the comments below.


garden-of-lost-souls      shelbys-ghost      blind-temptation

moon-over-donamorgh     cheyney-behave    seeker-4

fifth-season      whispers-at-wongan-creek      deep-as-a-tomb

coils        secrets-of-desire      seer-of-souls

assassins-heart       zoraida-grey-and-the-family-stones       going-going-gone

small-town-christmas-tales     a-merry-little-christmas     take-two

For other gift ideas, here are some other guides to try:

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  1. I have to leave now, LOL, without checking out these books, which all look great! I’m supposed to be on a “no buying new books until I finish all that are on my tablet” but you can imagine that’s not going well!


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