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I know I have a lot of readers who are writers, quilters, crafters, and artists, so maybe pass this list on to your significant others so they know what to get you. 😉

As a frugalista, I look for deep savings, but as an artist, I never skimp on quality. I’d rather pay more for good quality supplies, tools, or software, than look for rock bottom prices.

They say a craftsman is only as good as his tools. I believe this wholeheartedly.

Here are my picks for the creative person on your list.

PS  Don’t forget to email me if you have a book you’d like me to showcase on December 1.

For Writers

Work light  This one has great reviews.
Adjustable sit/stand desk  I used to stand a lot because of back issues. I used books to prop up my computer. Wish I’d had this instead, so I could sit or stand as needed.
Scrivener  This is a download for Mac or PC. I haven’t used it to format a book, but I’m told Scrivener makes it much easier.
RCA Viking Pro  I had to look at this twice. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was compared to the others and it has great reviews too. I might give this some serious thought.

Apple Macbook Pro  I haven’t forgotten you Mac fanatics. 🙂
Leather Bound Journal  This one has a Celtic griffin
•  Spirit of Flight Notebook  I like this one too.
Stained Glass Journal  One more because they’re just so beautiful.

Calligraphy Set  This is one of those fanciful gifts that’s sure to please the artist’s soul.
Sealing Wax Brass Kit  I thought this was kind of unique for those who like that Old World look.
Writing Set  Beautiful instruments for those who like to write by hand or do calligraphy.
Lap Desk  These are handy when you’re sitting on the sofa or outdoors. This one has a lot more doodads than the one I have.

Writing Books I Recommend
Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan
Hooked by Les Edgerton
The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman
GMC by Debra Dixon
The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman



For Craftspeople

Quilting Fabric Jaja Batiks Pack  My mother is a quilter, but I had no idea they had these little squares already cut for you. Here I thought she cut everything by hand. 🙂
Quilting Fabric Berry Delights
Self-Healing Cutting Mat 
Cross Stitch Kitty

Needlepoint Thread This brings back memories. My mom taught me to needlepoint as soon as I was old enough to stab myself with a needle. Every Sunday we’d go to this store and pick up a new design printed on white linen. I got pretty good at it, but I didn’t really have the passion for it that she did.
12 Paper Edger Scissors
Gel Pens
Jewelry Making Tool Kit
50 pc Assorted Wood Beads



For Painters
My super power is oil painting. Greg has been bugging me to do a painting of Tank and I guess it’s time. If you’re serious about painting, I suggest Winsor & Newton or Winton. Grumbacher is also a dependable brand. If you know someone who’s always want to try his hand at painting, starter kits are great.

Winton Starter Kit
Filbert (flat) paint brush set   I prefer hog bristle brushes for my flats. I think they retain their shape better.
Round paint brush set  I like sable brushes for my rounds.
Aluminum Easel  This one is especially nice because it tilts flat for doing watercolors as well.
Canvas Panels  If you want the artist in your life to love you, get her a stack of canvas panels.

Watercolor Paint  I’m not an expert on watercolors, but I liked Holbein when I tried it.
Watercolor Palette
Oil Painting Palette  Yes, you can use something like this, but I prefer a thick sheet of glass. I guess this makes a better looking gift than a sheet of glass. 🙂
Pastel Set  I love working with pastels. This is a nice starter set.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint I like the Apple Barrel brand. It’s got great coverage.
Sketchbook  2-pack!
Charcoal Sticks  I probably learned more about drawing from using charcoal sticks than anything else.
Corel Painter  Let’s not forget the digital artist. Corel is a must-have program for digital artists.
Photo Scanner  Another must-have for the digital artist.



I hope I gave you some good ideas for your creatives’ gift list. What else would you recommend for an artsy friend or family member?

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    • Jenny:
      re: desk object
      LOL! I thought of that, but I didn’t know what to call them!

      It was easier when computer monitors were bulky. My little gray alien used to sit on top. With the slim monitors now, my alien has to sit on a shelf.

      I used to call him my computer protector at work, but he did a lousy job. 😀

  1. Simple to use digital cameras are great for creative people, and around the holidays you can usually get a decent point-and-shoot for a very reasonable price.

    As an affordable tradition my quilter pals and I exchange one yard of fabric every year, and it’s always fun to pick that out for someone else who sews. Spools of quilting thread, boxes of quilter safety pins (they’re curved on the bottom), fine quilting needles called betweens, a scissors sharpener, a bobbin winder, a bias tape maker tool, a really good steam iron and any kind of healing lotion or balm for the hands are other things we appreciate.

    If you have a writer on your list who prints out things, new toner cartridges are always appreciated because they always have to be replaced. So are cool notebooks, writing pads, great pens, highlighters, staplers and basically everything you used to buy for back-to-school — except the locker decorations. 🙂

    • Lynn: That’s a great idea to exchange a yard of fabric every year! That’s what my seed/plant buddies do. It’s fun to work with something you might not have picked out yourself.

      re: toner
      I’ve got a post planned about printer toner. I think it’s in January.

    • Linda: That’s exactly how I come up with these ideas. I try to pick the things I think I’d like.

      Good price. Good quality.

      I get tired of magazines and web sites throwing up ads for stuff that’s trendy or expensive. Christmas is expensive enough.

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