Gift Guide for the Animal Lover


gift-guidesThis week let’s talk about the pet lovers in your life. This gift guide is near and dear to me because I love animal-related gifts.

I try not to buy too many chochkies for my friends because like any decor, it’s very personal. My tastes might not coincide with how they decorate their home, so I go easy on decorative items, but I found lots of other ideas.

Christmas ornament
Dog shaped cookie cutter
Socks! I love getting designer socks. The quirkier, the better.
Cat Socks
Cat Butt Magnets. Yes, cat butts.
Coloring Book.
• Don’t forget to include the gel crayons.
• Leash rack with dog butts.
• Leash rack with dog silhouette.
Lassie movie collection. Love the one with Roddy McDowell and Elizabeth Taylor!
Dog Pillow Sham
Cat Pillow Sham
UV Flashlight. Great for finding pet stains, scorpions, and dribbles left behind by little boys.
Pit Bull Cup.  Other breeds available. I love Dean Russo’s art.
Cat Cup. Design also by Dean Russo
Door Mat: Dog
Door Mat: Cat
Sleeping Pants
Sleeping Shirt. Yup. That’s my shirt.
Dog Tarot Cards. I can’t make this up!
Pet Tote Bags. Over 200 Different Breeds.
Kitchen Towel. These are a hoot!
Kitten Door Stop. I think it would make a good paperweight too.
Cats Welcome
Chicken Soup for the Dog and Cat Lover’s Soul
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Paper-Pieced Quilts
The Crazy Cat Lover’s Handbook
Mark Twain for Cat Lovers (I never knew Twain was such a cat lover.)
How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You
The Silence of the Library (I love this cover too)

I’d like a couple of these things myself.




A dear friend gave me this frame when my Tanky passed away two years ago. Although it’s not a Christmas gift per se, if you know someone who’s lost someone precious to them around the holidays, you can’t go wrong giving them this.

Not a day goes by that this frame doesn’t make me smile. It’s one of my most favorite gifts.tank-frame


If you’re an animal lover, what kind of gifts would you like?

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  1. What a terrific picture frame! I’m totally envious. And your pup has such a lovely grin in that pic — a great memory to keep.

    During the holidays we always visit our no-kill shelter here, and that’s when I make donations in the names of animal-loving friends. Then I take photos while we’re visiting and send the donation slip in a card with a picture to the friends. This is a great way to honor someone who loves our furry pals. I’m always delighted when someone makes a similar type donation in my name, too.

    Something I make for other pet owners in the family might be a nice handmade gift — little quilts for kennels, carriers or floors. These are really useful in cold areas of the country, too.

    • Lynn: The bulldog isn’t mine. That’s from the frame people. My Tank didn’t photograph well in old age, so I didn’t include his pic, but I went ahead and added it.

      Even though we were expecting it, it was so hard. When I got that frame with his picture in it, all the emotions gushed over at once. It’s very special to me.

  2. These are great! So much variety to pick from for friends who are animal lovers. I belong to some Facebook groups with corgis and its amazing to see what is out there for corgi related gifts, mugs, ornaments, etc.


    • Betty: My husband belongs to a couple of dog groups on Facebook too. He sent me an ad from their sites for a pair of rubber boots with dogs on them that were adorable…but in the end, I knew I’d never wear them. LOL. If I have to run out in the rain, I know I’ll never take the time to put on the right rain gear.

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