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gift-guidesIt’s only natural that we buy a little Christmas for our furry, feathered, and scaly pets. I mean–something besides plopping a Christmas bow on their heads every time we open one of our gifts.

We’re always buying our fur-kids treats or an extra nice bed, though why we buy them beds is beyond me. The bums always finagle their way up on our bed.

Toys are another matter. Our guys have never been particularly toy-crazy. They were when they were puppies, but now they can take them or leave them. I’ve always regretted never being able to get Nana interested in frisbee catching. She’ll watch it fly and then looks at me like I’m the idiot. Maybe she’s right.

No matter what you decide to buy for your favorite dog or cat, please do NOT buy chew toys or treats from China. There have been numerous fatalities and sicknesses stemming from products made in China. The toxicity level is unacceptable and particularly deadly to smaller animals. Better safe than sorry.


On to products I can recommend.

Classic Kong: This is a long time favorite. It’s supposed to be indestructible, but I did have one dog who proved them wrong.
Kong Stuff-a-Ball
ZippyPaws: 3 Squeakers, no stuffing. Whoever thought of making a dog toy with no stuffing was a marketing genius!
Babble Ball: It talks!

Chirpin Chick: This isn’t good for pets who chew up their toys, but this is one of the most revered toys of nearly every dog we’ve ever had. While they’ve destroyed every other toy, this one is sacred. We have one that’s nearly 15 years old. Each dog passes on the reverence for this toy to the next generation.
Christmas Paw Stocking
Santa Costume
Christmas Antlers  Yes, they hate it, but they have to indulge me just one day a year. 🙂

Let’s not forget the kitties!

Purrfect Arch Groomer  I think hubby would like one too!
Catnip Pillows  My cat never cared much for toys, but he loved his catnip.
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tree

Reindeer Antlers for cat.  We’re an equal opportunity company, embarrassing pets since 1975.
Organic Cat Treats (chicken)
Milk Bone Brushing Chews  I don’t know what it is about this particular brand, but my dogs go crazy for these.
Bully Sticks  I must admit, I’ve never given these to my dogs, but several friends have recommended these for my big dogs.

Petchatz Videophone  Yes, we are almost crazy enough to buy this. We have cameras set up in the house when we have to be away longer than a few hours. Nana watches tv and I know she’d love to see my face and hear my voice.
Orthopedic Pet Bed  When Tank could no longer get on the bed or couch, we bought him an orthopedic bed. He really seemed to enjoy it. Even I got on it. It was very comfy. I’m sure it helped his poor arthritic joints.
Pet Glove Iko hates to be brushed and he’s a shedding machine. This makes it much easier to get the fur off.





So what are you getting your favorite pet this year? I hope I picked some good gifts to consider.

Do your pets sleep in their own bed or do they try to kick you off yours?

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  1. JackieBCentralTexas

    Maria we have a few cat toys already for Munequa, although she would rather bat around an ink pen or toilet paper tube or pounce in and out of a cardboard box all of which is typical cat behavior.

    As for sleeping she has her “spot” on my bed and several favorites in the living room she uses to snooze. She does however take up more space on the end of the bed than she needs but okay by me as our 13-year-old spoiled calico is our last pet living and last pet we will have also.

    • Jackie: I swear, it’s easier just to give the cat the packaging.

      We spoil ours too. We’re not ready to say these will be our last. I think one more set and that’ll be it for us too. I don’t want them to outlive us and end up with strangers.

  2. I make a stocking for both pups every year and fill them with a couple of baked treats from the pet store, new tennis balls and tug ropes. We avoid hide products because of choking and stomach concerns, and stuff made in China for the same reasons you mentioned in the post. We tried Frisbees one year but Skye simply ignored hers and Cole just strolled over and marked on his. 🙂

    The pups are allowed on every piece of furniture except the bed, which was the cats’ domain for almost twenty years until the last one passed away. Both pups prefer to sleep on the little floor quilts I lay next to our bed anyway, but I still miss cuddling with the cats every night.

    • Lynn: Every once in a while I make liver cookies for the dogs, though they’re just as happy with plain old liver.

      re: bed
      As much as I hate sharing a bed (even with the husband) it gives me a lot of comfort to have the dogs up there–and the husband too. 🙂

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