Gift Guide for Foodies

I was never a foodie until I met Greg. This is strange for a big reason. My dad was a waiter at a 5-star restaurant and he learned to cook from the best chefs in the country. He, in turn, would cook for us at home. Until I started dating, I didn’t know people didn’t eat as well as we did. I was a gourmet without ever having known it.

Enter Greg. He introduced me to other kinds of foods. Chinese food. Greek food. Street food, from greasy dives off Chicago back streets.

gift-guidesEventually, I wanted to learn how to make these foods at home. There was a lot of trial and error. A lot! But even I, a person with no real cooking skill managed to get it right sometimes.

I tell people I don’t like to cook, and it’s true. But most restaurant food can’t compare to homemade. I don’t mind the work as long as it’s appreciated, and I have a very appreciative husband when it comes to food.

Whether the foodie on your list loves to eat or loves to cook, I’ve got some great ideas for both.

Sea Salt
Pecorino Romano Cheese
Maple Syrup  Greg has been bugging me to buy real maple syrup. I’m not the syrup connoisseur that he is.

•  Meat Claws  If someone on your list bbqs, you’ll want to get them this. It’s pretty handy!
Silicone Oven Mitts  These are even cheaper than the ones I bought. I love mine!
Rub Away Bar  Great for removing smells from your hands.
Cheese Board

The Drunken Botanist  I’m not a drinker, but I am a gardener. In a survival situation without liquor, I could be a god!
Cheese Making Kit  Cheese making sounds pretty easy, but the kit gives you everything for the beginner.
Mushroom Kit  I’ve always wanted to try this. We actually have several different mushrooms growing on our place. Some are safe (I think) and some are poisonous (I know). Either way I’m too scared to take a chance without an expert at my side.
Homebrewing Kit  I have a nephew in law who brews beer on an industrial level. From what I hear it’s much easier to use the kit.

KitchenAid Mixer  This one is much nicer than mine. If you have a serious baker on your list, see if they have this one. It’s truly one of the best mixers I’ve ever used.
Cake Decorating Tips  I have friends who decorate beautiful cakes, almost too beautiful to eat…almost.
Marble Pastry Board  My friends who bake say that marble is the best for rolling dough.
Lazy Susan (Turntable) The nice ones can be pricey but they’re an elegant accessory. Greg already has a standing order to build a custom turntable for a friend.

Bread Dipping Set  I wrote a post on how to make your own bread dip, but if you want it already made up and nicely packaged, here it is.
Collin Street Bakery Apricot Cake For once there is something fairly famous close to where I live. Collin Street Bakery is a Texas Treasure. We buy a cake tin every year for ourselves and one for my mom. I love the apricot cake best, but the pineapple is good too. Thanks to Jennifer Shirk for reminding me.
Godiva Chocolates  The best chocolate I ever tasted were made by two spinster sisters in a tiny shop in our town. It was called Joey’s Chocolates. Nothing will ever be as good as those, but Godiva isn’t too shabby for a big commercial enterprise.
Laughing Man Coffee  I know as much about coffee as I do about alcohol, but Greg (my coffee expert) says this is a delicious coffee. It doesn’t come in fancy packaging, but it might be nice as a stocking stuffer. Interesting factoid: Laughing Man Coffee is a brand that Hugh Jackman launched to help developing nation farmers find a marketplace.






Are you a foodie?

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  1. These are all great ideas!

    I’m both eater and cook. I love to do both. Let me second Greg’s proposal for real maple syrup. It’s better in flavor and health. Fake syrup is nothing but water, sugar, food coloring, and goddess knows what miscellaneous preservatives and other nonsense!

    I’m not saying real maple syrup is HEALTHY – it’s still sugar. But it’s a food for the tree, insects, and animals, so it does have some nutrients. Much better than the fake stuff!

  2. I love to eat, but I’m not fond at all with cooking. I merely prepare something from a recipe. Hubby and son like to come up with unique ideas and know how to blend spices, etc. I’m just glad I can follow a recipe 🙂 Great ideas for foodies though here!


  3. So many good ideas.

    That bar to remove smells from hands made me smile. After cutting onions I wash my hands, pressing them lightly against the stainless steel sink. Smell gone! You could also just roll a stainless steel butter knife or spoon between your hands.

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