Garden Plan 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time to bruise shins, fraggle fingers, and blister hands. The knees aren’t doing too good either.

Ah, Spring, you destroyer of ligaments and punisher of muscles. You lure us with promises of fresh strawberries and plump snap peas, but we always forget the price for that bounty.

I’ve changed some things around this year. I moved all the irises from where they lived at the back of the garden and moved them to the back of the asparagus bed. In their place, I smoothed over the soil, planted two plum trees, while Greg built two new strawberry beds and a potato tower.

Before summer, I hope to have the remaining pathways by the berries and trees paved with brick, and add a nice little bench to enjoy my garden.

I dedicated one whole raised bed to my saffron. It hasn’t arrived yet, but the box is ready whenever they get here. I planted watermelon, pumpkin, and mangel beets this year for our latest addition.


This is Tilly. She’s supposed to be for the freezer in December, but she’s an awfully sweet little pig. I’m trying to talk Greg into letting me breed her and sell the babies, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Pigs require more attention and much stronger pens than goats. Tilly is content in her current pen, but we’ll have to reinforce it as she gets older. Pigs are very smart and they enjoy company. I visit and sit with her regularly every morning and afternoon. She jumps for joy every time she sees me, but it’s only because she knows I’m the one with the food. And she loves getting her belly rubs and scratches.

Hmm…just like the dogs. 😉

We almost didn’t get a pig. We had to back out at the last minute due to health issues, but we decided we could handle it. We’ll see how Greg’s knees hold out this year.






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  1. Angela Brown

    You’re garden is designed so well. And the variety for your harvest will be plentiful.

    Tilly looks so adorable. I’d say she’s too cute for the freezer but bacon comes to mind and smothers that thought lol!

  2. LOL. Some of my worse memories growing up was when the pigs got out. And they were really good at it. They are so strong! I’m not planting much this year. Maybe cukes and tomatoes again. Peppers and not much else. No sunflowers. Attracts too many chipmunks.

    • Susan: We never raised more than one pig at a time. One of these days, she’s going to figure out she’s way stronger than me.

      re: sunflowers
      For us it’s the raccoons and birds. They always know exactly when the sunflowers are at their ripest.

      Hubby says, chipmunk makes a good stew. 🙂

  3. Your beautifully organized garden puts my feeble attempts to shame. But beware of sweet little pigs. I’ve heard they can be as affectionate as dogs and make great pets. You’ll have a hard time putting her in the freezer.

    • Linda: Tilly isn’t so much affectionate as she is spoiled. I’m trying to keep her on pig food, but she LOVES dog food and will wait me out and not eat her regular feed in hopes of something better. I’ve never seen such a picky pig.

  4. What an awesome 2017 plan. Holy cow I’m just in the seed stage because it looks like we’re going to be moving soon. I was torn – do I plant or just leave it for the next owners. A bench in the garden is a must – In my garden I created a sitting space that I enjoyed for years gave me a place to relax. Now I’m in the stages of planning a new garden and I can hardly wait. It will be much smaller but higher off the ground this time. Excited!

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