Garage Sale Haul

We go to garage and estate sales every Saturday as long as the weather is nice. Most of the time we pick up a couple of things we need for around the farm. Occasionally I find some good books or a unique antique.

This past weekend we hit the mother lode of good stuff. Someone was selling off dozens of solar panels. Greg picked up two for a relatively cheap price. He tested them as soon as he got home and discovered they were delivering nearly a full charge.

We went back and picked up seven more at an even cheaper price. He’s thinking of setting them up as emergency backup for my freezers and refrigerator. That’s the only thing I worry about when the power goes out. We have a generator, but nearly free solar power is better and cheaper in the long run.

My other big score was this guy. Isn’t he cute!

I’ll need to repaint him, but he was too adorable not to bring home. I probably don’t have room for him, but I’d like the chance to refinish him and make him more lifelike. He’ll be my winter project.

I think he looks like Greg’s dad, but Greg didn’t think so.

Many garage sales closed early and they left their dregs on the curb. I picked up a couple of cookbooks that looked promising.

I love hunting garage sales, not just for the bargains but because we get to see other neighborhoods and different types of homes. Sometimes we get ideas for our property by seeing how other people landscape or fence their places. Every once in a while I strike up a conversation with a fellow gardener. One fellow even sent me home with cuttings for some yarrow and thyme.

Note: I might drop out of sight for several hours today. We head out to Dallas today to meet with that veterinary specialist. It’s a bit of a drive and we don’t know how long the tests will take. Chances are they’ll have to anesthetize Nana so I expect a long wait.

Meanwhile keep your fingers crossed that whatever we have to do won’t cost an arm and a leg.








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  1. Maria the good old days where we lived in places where garage sale rejects were put out to the curb are for the most part gone. People in this area pretty much recycle their items over and over or donate them to local Family Crisis Center and Goodwill in Bastrop.

    RE: “Meanwhile keep your fingers crossed that whatever we have to do won’t cost an arm and a leg.”

    Hoping that you two can get Nana’s problem fixed so the rest of her life can be enjoyed to its full capacity. The cost may be high but her love and affection is pretty much a priceless reason to “grin and bear it” if at all possible financially.

    • Jackie: I think it’s geographical. By us in the country, seeing stuff on the curb is extremely rare, but in the city people seem to leave their unwanted stuff out for the taking.

      Greg often comments how much better the pickings were when we lived in a mid-size city. People threw out so much stuff that was sometimes nearly new.

  2. Madeline: We had actually driven away from that garage sale, but we saw it again on our way out of that neighborhood. I was still thinking of that little guy so I felt it was an omen that he wanted to come home with me. πŸ™‚

  3. Your new find is so cute! I look forward to seeing a picture of him after you restore him. Hoping everything went well with Nana’s appointment.

    My sister in law and brother go to garage sales/estate sales (now that he is retired; before he worked Saturday mornings). She is into selling things on eBay and knows what to find that might sell on eBay so they head out bright and early to see what they can find. If they collect a lot of stuff over the time that doesn’t sell on eBay, they have their own garage sales πŸ™‚

    I like to look at garage sales but rarely buy anything at them. Most of the time I’ll drive by and say “nothing I can’t live without.”


  4. Awesome finds! I used to be into garage sales, but I’ve gotten out of the habit. Most of the time it feels like it would be too much of a pain to get back out onto the highway for me to stop. I like thrift stores better. Lately, though, the thrift stores here have been jacking up their prices, so they’re not the deals they used to be. =o\

    Good luck and positive thoughts for Nana today. :hugs:

    • BE: We’re a little pickier than we used to be. Sometimes we do ‘drive-bys’ to see if it’s worth getting out of the car. Since we do very little highway driving, we slip in and out of neighborhoods on our way to or from home.

      re: thrift shops
      You are the third person I know who’s said that thrift stores were jacking up prices. I guess they do it because they can, but it seems a shame considering how many people rely on their lower prices.

  5. Good luck tomorrow — I’m keeping Nana in my prayers.

    We’re downsizing, so I’m trying focus on donating rather than acquiring, but there is a pretty fabulous Goodwill store here that I go to when I’m looking for inexpensive necessities. After my favorite serving bowl cracked in half — I admit, it was ancient — I found an even prettier one in mint condition at Goodwill for three bucks. A new bowl from Target which wasn’t as pretty would have cost me fifteen bucks.

    • Lynn: After 40+ years a lot of our stuff is in need of replacement, especially dishware which tends to crack and craze.

      Much as I love thrift stores, I don’t seem to have any that are nice enough. The ones near us are terribly expensive and the merchandise is not pretty.

      Thank you for your prayers. We are on pins and needles today waiting to hear from the vet’s office.

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