Father’s Day Gifts for All Kinds of Dads

I don’t believe you have to have regular, old children to be a dad. Greg’s a dog dad. Best dog dad ever as his kids will attest with a woof. If you know a dad like this, get him this shirt. It’s perfect!

If your guy is like my guy, he wants big boy TOYS. (Cue my groan here.) I can’t begin to list all the toys Greg has either bought for himself or been given but I’m sure it was more than some countries’ gross national income.

One of his favorite toys of late has been a drone (with camera). They’re quite cool actually, and the video feed has great resolution, but the techy lovers  probably get a bigger kick out of them than I do.  If you’re at a loss for a different kind of toy for your best dad, a drone is a good choice.

I felt bad for my dad. We used to give him terrible gifts. Poor guy. We gave him the gifts kids back then gave their dads. For us, it was handkerchiefs and bow ties. (He wore bow ties!)

I’m sure he’d rather have had books. He read a lot. To teach himself English, he read comic books because he could follow along with the pictures, but in his native language, he liked to read novels and historical accounts of famous people.

Even when I got older, he was hard to shop for gifts. He was content with whatever he had. He had lived through the Depression, so anything he had was like a gift to him. I think I learned my frugal ways from him.

My dad died of pancreatic cancer in 2001. In the weeks leading up to his death he regaled us with stories (he was a great storyteller) and memories.  Looking back, I think he was trying to recall every good moment in his life and pass them on to us. His body might die, but his memories and stories will live on. I know I’ll never forget.

While dads (and dog dads) generally get the low end of the stick compared to moms on Mother’s Day, remember that they could use some fussing too. I try to pick things around their hobbies…or is that vices?

Here are some other ideas for dads.

Sporting event tickets or paraphernalia: You’ll know if he has a favorite sports team. Guys never keep that a secret.

Life experience gift: I once gave Greg some flight time in a helicopter. We couldn’t afford the lessons, but at least I could give him a taste of it.

Electronics: If he doesn’t yet have a tablet, there’s a perfect gift. Greg doesn’t go anywhere without his.

Liquor: I never saw a man turn down alcohol. Find out what his favorite is then buy the good stuff.

Clean his car. Get the kids to do this for him as a gift.

Professional massage. There are lots of places to try. Some might have Father’s Day specials too.

Gardening supplies: Man or woman, father, mother, aunt, or uncle, if your favorite person is a gardener, he’ll always appreciate quality tools–or plants for his garden.

Food: What man doesn’t like to eat good food? Whether you make it yourself, use a specialty service, or take him to an extra special restaurant, he’ll know he’s being treated like a king.

Are you doing anything special for your favorite guy?


On another note, I noticed that Amazon has DROPPED the price for the Roomba 890. This is definitely the lowest price I’ve seen, and I’ve been keeping track.


Update on my Roomba review. I still love this thing. It has a couple of quirks but I think it has more to do with my house than it. For example, it stopped once in the middle of cleaning. We don’t know why, but we clicked the button again and it finished its job. We suspect it got confused between the different levels of floor. It only happened that one time though.

The biggest reason I’m still happy with it is that Iko has been shedding like crazy but my floors are still clean. His undercoat is very fine fur, the kind that likes to float in the air. I run that machine twice a day sometimes and it’s been great at picking up all that hair. It’s been a lot of fur too. Iko has been the real test on the Roomba’s ability.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Clicking on these links cost you nothing, but they do help support this site. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. Thank you for supporting MariaZanniniHome. I appreciate you!

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  1. My guy never asks for anything, sweet man. Since we’ve got every power tool, yard gadget and computer gizmo known to mankind, I make him his favorite dinner and cake, or I take him out to dinner. The kids usually get him a fishing t-shirt (he doesn’t fish much, but he loves the big bass t-shirts) or a ball cap, since he wear those to work every day.

    My dad always liked me to make him something. One year when I was a teen I crocheted a green and orange skully for him because his head always got cold at night. He wore that cap constantly for thirty years, right up until the day he passed.

    • Stephanie: I’ve always found it hard to shop for men, but it’s generally safe to stick to the basics. Food, drink, sports, and gadgets.

      re: British food
      That’s a wonderful gift idea. I’m sure he appreciates the home-foods.

  2. I think a drone would be a cool gift myself! I remember hubby trying to find the perfect gift for his parents for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Days and then we found so many things he had given them that weren’t even opened when we were sorting through their stuff. My dad died when I was young and my mom never liked a lot of fuss around Mother’s Day or birthdays, etc., so it was easy just to get a card and in her later years I’d give practical gifts like she sent a lot of cards so I gave a roll of stamps.

    I admire your dad for learning how to read in not his native language!


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