Even My Hair Hurts


Well…I thought I was going to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends, but germs decided to have their way with me. I’m cold. I’m hot. Everything hurts, including my hair. I had my flu shot but maybe this is one of those strains they didn’t consider.

Greg has taken good care of me, so all is well. He’s cooking tomorrow. All hail a man who can cook.

I hope your Thanksgiving is more pleasant. With any luck I’ll be back in fighting spirit next week. For now I’m content to drink my hot cocoa and stay under the covers.

Stay well, and have a second helping on me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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  1. JackieBCentralTexas

    Maria there goes the truth of the saying “Best laid plans of Mice and Men”.

    Sorry you are laid low but thankful Greg has it in his capable hands to take care of you and himself this holiday!

    Get well quick and hopefully get some much needed rest too.

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