Dusty Rides Again: Static Dusters Work


I mentioned the other day that dusting was the bane of my chore list, so I did some sleuthing on the best way to dust. This video shows how to dust using stuff I already had around the house.

In my last post, Jenny Schwartz recommended a static duster. I replied that I thought they were gimmicks. Then it struck me that I actually bought one once. I had forgotten all about it! I stopped using it thinking it didn’t work.

But guess what? I was doing it wrong!

I admit it. I was wrong. (Greg never hears me say this often enough.) The trick to a static duster is that you have to charge it by cupping your hand around the duster and running your hand up and down. This recharges the static electricity so it picks up dust bunnies and dust.

Thanks, Jenny, for making me take a second look at static dusters. I figured if it worked for you, there must be something to it, so I did some research on why and how they work. It might’ve even said to recharge the bristles on the package instructions but who reads instructions for a duster?

Yes, I was wrong. (That should hold Greg for a while.)


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    • Madeline: I bought a huge curio cabinet–the same one that destroyed my knee when we moved it to the new house. It holds all my delicate knick-knacks. They were a pain to dust. The curio cabinet keeps them relatively dust free and it gives me a chance to look at my lovelies.

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