Do You Use Business Cards?


I’ve been debating whether to make myself a new business card for this blog vis-à-vis myself. In the old days business cards were traded with every handshake, but we’re a much more digital society now.

Are business cards still useful?

business card organizerWhen I call a tradesman to work on my refrigerator, or shop with the aid of a very helpful salesperson, I always ask for their business cards. I want to do business with them again, so I ask and keep their cards in one of several business card organizers.

I know I have a lot of freelancers and authors visit me here. How do you handle this part of your promotion? Do you have a business card for yourself? Do you ask and keep the business cards you’re given?

At first, I thought maybe it might be time to give them up, but my gut tells me they’re still useful–at least until they bookmark me on their computers. I could always pin a few up at grocery stores or anywhere else they have a public bulletin board. Can you think of other places, places you’ve left your card?

I’m just thinking out loud right now. If I have my garage sale next month, it might be nice to have them where people can pick them up–especially neighbors and other locals. We had an enormous amount of traffic last year.

What do you think? How important are business cards today?


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  1. They have your contact information. They’re convenient. They’re cheap. To me, that makes them important. If someone wants your information, it’s so much easier to hand them the card than wait for them to write it all down.

    FYI – This is the second time I’ve clicked on “commentluv” and got an error. I really think your site hates me. Of course, I’ve been having issues with my own blog. And Facebook. Okay, maybe the Internet hates me! 🙂

    • Stacy: The internet hated me today. It’s been down since last night. Drives me insane.

      re: Comment Luv
      I’m seriously thinking of removing it. I might just as an experiment. There are 4 people (you being one of them) who are continually being blocked.

      Sometimes you get in and I’m wondering now if it has to do with Comment Luv.

      As soon as I start to feel better I’ll look into it. I’m still suffering from dizzy spells though I think it’s getting better.

  2. Angela Brown

    I have business cards and get them from others. I have found, though, that I go through clean out moments and biz cards are ones that tend to get tossed out if there’s been little to no interaction with the person/company.

    • Angela: That’s a good point.

      I keep cards if they’re well designed even if I never interact with the person. I also keep cards from tradespeople. But authors are hit or miss. If they’re just trying to sell a book, they end up in the toss pile.

  3. I have business cards but I hardly ever use them. And in the future I think I’ll just use bookmarks instead.

    But, that said, it’s not like I have a service I offer like you do. I still ask for cards from people. And I wish I was smart enough to save them like you do but invariably I lose them. Still, though.

    • Sarah: Go to Walmart or any office supply store and pick up a couple of business card organizers. They are sooo handy. I have organizers just for author cards, another for tradespeople, and one more for people who have ranches or farm animals.

      I’m not typically that well organized but these card sleeves make it easy.

  4. Business cards are handy when you need to give a lot people your contact info, or steer them to your web site. If you make them yourself you can do as many as you need, and change your contact info when needed. I used to hand mine out at writing conferences, and to book store managers when I was making the rounds promoting a new release.

    I like unique biz cards. Some of the Etsy vendors I buy from get very creative with theirs. One always sends hers in the form of a pretty bookmark along with my order, and another ties a sample of the hand-dyed silk ribbon she sells through a hole-punch on her card. If you can make or put something fun on your business card (maybe print a frugal tip on the back?) that might be fun.

    • Lynn: I always use business cards as bookmarks! Once I’m done with the book then I can put it in the card sleeve.

      Putting a frugal tip is a great idea! It’s a shame I can’t put different tips on individual cards, but one good tip might work.

      I used to work for a printer many moons ago and have a lot of experience with business cards. We used to see some very fancy designs, but the ones that got dressed up, or were heavily cut didn’t last too long.

      I cringe when people turn their cards into great works of art. They’re beautiful, yes, but they’re too beautiful to use.

  5. I don’t need business cards but I can see in some businesses and careers they would be useful. When I do have someone come and do work for me, I do ask for their card so I think they are still beneficial to have. Different topic but what I find interesting these days is how much business is conducted through texting rather than picking up the phone and calling someone, but text instead. Its been useful here when I want some yard work done to take a picture of the project and text it to get an estimate rather than someone having to come out.

    I do like to look at boards that display people’s business cards so they do have some use. Plus some restaurants I’ve seen where if you drop in your business card they do a drawing every so often for a free meal.


    • Betty: My neighbor has personal cards. When we first met, she gave me her card. It had her name and phone number. It was quite useful because neither of us had a pen on us.

      re: texting
      When I buy something on Craigslist, I tend to do most of that by text. It does make it easier.

  6. I still get business cards. They’re easy to design and not too expensive if you order during a sale. I have some social cards with my address and phone number. I use these for playdates or for people I know personally. I also have author cards with e-mail address, website, and list of books.

    • Sandra: My neighbor has social cards. I thought it was a great idea.

      Last year at our garage sale several people wanted our phone number. These were mostly new neighbors, but I’m pretty sure they’ve lost all those scraps of paper. I know I would.

  7. Business cards are useful. As a hermit author I haven’t found them that useful, but I think having them at your garage sale is inspired, Maria. Part of your audience is definitely people who carefully save important stuff, including info like business cards. Go for it!

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