Dinner Fork Door Lock

I would use more substantial anti-break-in devices in my own home, but this might be useful if you’re in a not-so-safe motel. I generally put a chair up against the door when I travel alone and have to spend the night somewhere.

Do you ever take extra precautions when you’re in a motel/hotel?

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  1. I’ve never felt unsafe in any of the hotels I’ve stayed at, but I always make sure the dead bolt or swing lock device (whatever it’s called–it replaced the chain) is in place before I go to sleep. Even when I’m with someone.

    I can see that fork device being an issue if I had to get out of the room quickly, though.

  2. Interesting with the fork; I hadn’t seen this before. I keep hubby between me and the door (LOL) when we stay in hotels/motels. Seriously, I do worry about our safety and lock every single thing available to lock and then still worry.


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