Did You Know…Walmart has bought Jet.com

Walmart has bought Jet.com for 3.3 billion in cash and stock. I know Walmart’s been trying to get a better toe hold in online sales, which is almost impossible while Amazon is in power. The deal is expected to close later this year.

Jet.com put up a valiant fight. I bought some stuff from them that was not only cheaper than Amazon, but they worked very hard on customer service. The search engine for their online store needed work, but it wasn’t bad for a start-up.

With any luck Walmart can give Amazon a run for its money. Lately, Amazon has been less than hospitable with customers. Twice, they turned me down when I pointed out a lower price. They never used to be like that. A competitor with weight might make them more genial again.

In other news, Amazon is toying with the idea of a new model for grocery shopping. The idea is to order online and then pick up your order at a specific location.

So far the only two hubs will be in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area.

I’m not sure that would appeal to me. I like to examine the packages first.

Would you try online grocery shopping? How about Jet.com once Walmart takes over?

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  1. Maybe Walmart will make the Jet.com commercials less annoying. Other than that, it’s not going to effect my life that much. Sometimes I use Walmart.com, sometimes it’s Amazon. It all depends on who’s got what I need at the price I want. I do almost all my hands-on shopping at Walmart – easier and less expensive than anywhere else around here.

  2. BE: I have never seen a Jet.com commercial!

    I’ve never used Walmart.com. mostly because most of what we buy is unique, like a part for a solar panel or some such thing.

    I do like to see healthy competition though. Keeps the big gorilla in the room from dominating.

  3. Darke Conteur

    We buy from Walmart online here because there’s more of a variety online. I don’t bother with Amazon.ca. The few times I’ve found something there it’s said they don’t deliver to my town. As for groceries, Loblaws up here started the pick up program last year. We haven’t tried that yet, but come winter we just might.

  4. Darke: Amazon doesn’t give a fair deal to Canada. I’m wondering if it has to do with tariff laws because the distance is negligible.

    What they need is a physical presence in Canada, but I’m sure that’s enough red tape to keep lawyers busy for years.

    re: groceries
    I’ve heard of grocery stores trying that online system, but there’s not one close to me that does it. I imagine it’s more useful to people who live in cities.

  5. I think for my staples, I would be okay to do online grocery shopping, like things like laundry detergent, canned goods, etc., but not for produce or meat. Still would want to see those.

    There is an Amazon I think they call it Fulfillment Center here in Phoenix where orders are shipped from. From what I saw on the website, they do have pretty good benefits, not sure how hard to get a job with them. There are also at some convenience stores/gas stations Amazon bins where packages are delivered and I’m assuming you are probably given a code to open your particular bin. I wonder if they are test marketing that to make create more delivery choices and perhaps in a bin like that its cheaper than delivery door to door?

    There are a lot of negatives about Wal-Mart but there are lots of positives too. They do sometimes go the extra distance with customer service. I know when I have bought items online, they are usually delivered in 2 days with no delivery fees.


  6. These mega-sites make me nervous. Too few people controlling too many of our choices. And I was going to say I wouldn’t grocery shop on line but a few months ago I couldn’t find cranberry mustard anywhere locally (the store we used to get it from stops carrying it) and I ordered it online, so I guess there will be times.

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