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This is something new I’m trying.  It might be my innate search mojo, but I’m a wiz at finding bargains. Once a week, I’ll do a post on things I’ve either bought or have put on my wish list. I’m also going to include books and dvds that catch my eye. (We have a huge library of both so we’re always looking for new additions.)

I use Amazon most, but not exclusively. If you shop off my page, always double check the price. Prices can change without notice.

It’s spring, so my brain has been on home improvement, gardening, and reading (for those rainy days).  Here’s what I found this week.


Hori Hori Garden Knife: I bought one of these. They’re great for tough weeding and ripping open stubborn bags of dirt.
Smart Pots: They come in different sizes. I’ve heard good things about these pots. Roots won’t penetrate the bag.
Sprout House: I need to do a post on sprouting. You’ll love it once you’ve tried fresh sprouts.
Folding Shovel: This little shovel caught my eye. Might be nice to have in the car’s tool bag.
Pyrex Storage: Excellent price for five containers with lids.
Roomba: This! I want this so bad I can’t stand it. We’ve put it off a long time but I think it might be worth the investment–IF we can keep the dogs from chasing it. It’ll save me from having to move the beds every time I want to vacuum. I’m hoping daily vacuuming will cut down on the dust and fur.

Kindle Reads


Insects Coloring Book for Adults
Summons, by AL Brown, Children’s Fantasy
Five Ingredient Cookbook

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes
Dead Maybe, R. Mac Wheeler

Print Books

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sounds like this is the script for the play. The eighth story, 19 years later.
Art Nouveau coloring book: I’ve always liked Dover publications, and I’m a sucker for art nouveau.
Hooked: One of my all time favorite writing books. I even gave away a copy as a gift.
Sarum: LOVED this novel. Highly recommended for history lovers.
Parent Hacks: This looked good and I don’t even have kids!

I hope I picked out some interesting things for  you.

Does anyone own a Roomba? What can you tell me about them? I’ve read good reviews about this one from various outlets so now I’m really motivated.


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  1. I think its great you are good at finding bargains 🙂

    I have heard good things about the Roomba. I can imagine with your dogs there is a lot of fur especially during shedding season. I miss the dog, but not the 2-3 times a week vacuuming 🙂


  2. Angela Brown

    This sounds like a pretty cool new thing. I might find a few things that I’ll have to jump on right away.

    Thanks for sharing about Summons. And I’ve had my eye on dead maybe for some time. I better move this one up my TBR list.

  3. Great idea for a regular post. Curating content, and becoming a trusted source, is one of those things on my “it would be nice to do” list. Currently, I’m stuck on the “do it all right now or fail” list. But hopefully, one day…

  4. Jenny: The links will be useful mostly to US and Canadian readers, but I do plan to give updates and reviews for anything I buy. This way if you see something here and I give it a thumbs up, you’ll know it went under the scrutiny of picky, prickly Maria. 🙂

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