Daily Deals: Mother’s Day Edition

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Every year it gets harder and harder for me to find something unique and fabulous for my mother.

In the first place I have five other siblings and we all strive to find something she’d like–something she doesn’t already own. At her age too, she’d rather have experiences than another bathrobe or flowers.

I try to focus on what means the most to her–her grandkids, travel, and Elvis, in that order. 🙂 One year I got her one of those frames that runs a carousel of photos. I downloaded a few photos of Greg and me and then asked my brother to download all the pictures from her camera. She LOVED it. To this day, she brags about her photo frame.

Another gift she loves is her cell phone. My brother bought her that. He pays for her monthly bill too. I always thought it was funny that she learned to text before I did!  Shop Amazon – Contract Cell Phones & Service Plans

Last year, I got her a Keurig. You’d think she had died and gone to heaven. She loves trying out different coffees.

This year I think I’ll probably take the easy route and send her a gift card. Is cash crass? Not in my book, and not when you get to be that age. She’s a stone-cold shopaholic. (How is it possible we’re even related?!) I’d rather she use a gift card for mad money than dip into her savings.

Here are some links for the things I’ve bought my mom and a few more for consideration. By the way, have you seen the price on Kindles lately? I never thought they’d go that low. Time to start thinking about graduates too.

I should check to see if mom has Amazon Prime. She likes to watch her telly. Might be worth getting her this instead.


Keurig Rivo: Cappuccino and Latte: Hope Greg doesn’t ask for this one too. He only gets so much counter space in my kitchen.
K-45 Coffemaker: This is the one I got my mom.
Digital Photo Frame: Two things to remember: Make sure it’s big enough. There’s no point in choosing the smaller frame especially if it hangs on a wall. Secondly, make sure it has a goodly amount of storage capacity.
Elite 8 qt Pressure Cooker: I posted this before, but I stand by it. If you or your mom likes to cook, you will love this.



Seasons’ Beginnings, by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan FREE! Psst: If it looks familiar, I also designed the cover. It’s a series so check out the others.
Doctor Wolf by Jenny Schwartz: A werewolf in London romance
Becoming Queen Victoria: Pricey for digital, but I’m a glutton for royal biographies.

These were listed for a limited time. I think most of the sales end this week.


Kindle: Now that B&N nuked its Nook, it might be time to switch to Kindle.
Fire Tablet: Maybe I should stop hunting these bargains. I want this too. I’ve been looking for a tablet. The best I’ve found comparable to this was on sale for $250 at Costco.
Prismacolor Pencils: Speaking as an artist, I’ve always liked Prismacolor. This is an excellent price for this package.

Gardener Mom
I really wanted this post to be about gardening so I’m going to sneak this in here in case some of you have moms who are gardeners too.


Pruners: Every gardener needs a good pair of pruners, preferably in two sizes. I can’t live without mine.
Gloves: I keep a pair of gloves socked away everywhere. This has two sets, so great price.
Gardening Seat/Kneeler: My knees have reached a point where this might become a necessity.
Rose Pruning Gloves: If you’ve ever pruned roses, you don’t need to ask why you need these kind of gloves.

Well, I hope I picked out some good buys for you. These posts take a long time to research, but I try to find the best deals I can. In my book, it’s a cardinal sin to spend more money than necessary.

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? What would you like for yourself?


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  1. Marianne Arkins

    Actually, BN didn’t nuke the Nook. They still offer it, via Samsung tablet. I actually just bought one a few weeks ago and love it. They had their 10.1″ ones on sale for $199 + cover and film free. $20 off with my BN membership, and there wasn’t a tablet cheaper that I could find.

    I love getting gift cards. They are my hands down favorite thing to get unless you know me so well, you can find a clever gift I’ll actually enjoy. They’re also my “go to” gift and likely what I’ll get my own mom for Mother’s Day.

    I’ve been following your adventures with the pressure cooker avidly. I was given one many months ago, and haven’t even turned it on yet. I wasn’t sure I saw the advantage to it, but you’re beginning to change my mind. Keep sharing!

  2. Marianne: So if I get a Samsung tablet I can transfer my Nook books there? I had looked at Samsung but hadn’t decided yet because it was still pricey for me.

    re: pressure cooker
    If you’ve got one, try it. It is terrific! I use mine all the time instead of the slow cooker. I especially love that my rice is perfect every time.

    • Marianne Arkins

      Yep … the ones sold by BN actually come with everything Nook installed. You’ll likely have to install the Nook app if you do a Samsung from elsewhere.

      Will have to find some pressure cooker recipes for things my husband actually likes (he’s crazy picky).

  3. I like what you have gotten your mom over the years for Mother’s Day! My mom passed in 2006, but before then in her years when she was in her 80’s, she requested we not buy things that she would have to dispose of before she died or have someone else take care of after she died. She would send cards to friends and family so I would send her stamps or she did word search puzzles so I would send her a book of those. She also liked hard candy so I would send her a bag of those. Conversely, hubby always searched frantically for that “perfect” gift for his parents for Christmas, their birthdays, mother’s/father’s day. They literally had everything or could afford to buy it if they didn’t. After they passed, we had to dispose of countless things bought for them as gifts over the years, some of them still in their original packing, never opened. The gift of time is a great gift to give I think!


    • Betty: My mother had to downsize once she moved in with my sister, so whatever she has now is precious to her. But it’s true for most older people. Even now I’m trying to convince Greg we don’t need so much. I don’t want either of us to be stuck getting rid of something if the other passes first.

  4. I’m going with flowers this year. She’s in the process of downsizing and moving so I don’t want to get her something she’ll have to pack, etc. The flowers will be bright and cheerful for the short while she’ll be in the old place.

  5. Madeline: Greg used to buy me flowers but I asked him to stop a long time ago. I’d rather have a plant than something that will die. But in your case I can see the reason for flowers. They’re always cheery.

  6. I’m on board for the idea of No More Stuff! I don’t want it for myself and I cringe when I give stuff to people who already have everything.

    The most amazing gift my kids gave me was for a birthday: a large jar of memories! They each wrote several memories on colored pieces of paper, folded them, and filled up the jar. There was everything from breakfasts I cooked when they were small, to helping them birth their babies! I’ll treasure it forever, but I don’t know who will get it when I’m gone!

    • Marlene: At least you have kids that can inherit your stuff. We have no one except for nieces and nephews and various charities.

      I don’t believe in rewarding someone just because s/he is kin either. Whoever gets our stuff must have proven themselves during our lifetimes.

  7. Amazon Prime is a great gift. I get it for my daughter every year for Christmas. Of course, she was getting the half-price college rate. There’s so much video to watch for free on there and I never buy physical videos anymore. My video library is digital. And free amazon shipping on everything.

  8. I got my mom an iHop gift card. It’s one of her favorite restaurants (and I’m lucky I can get her a card for it, too). I’d get her a gift card to buy yarn or something (she loves to knit), but I don’t live in her town and those Visa or MasterCard gift cards are such a pain to use to activate and then remember what the balance is because they won’t work if you enter the wrong amount. And then they start charging if you don’t use them in a certain amount of time. I don’t need to put Mom through all that grief, so I played it safe with iHop. If there were any In/Out Burger places around here, I’d get her a gift card for there, too (she really likes those places for some reason). It’s really hard shopping for her when she lives across the country, you know?

  9. My mom adores getting flowers, so I send a pretty bouquet to her for every holiday. I usually make her something for Mother’s Day, too, and this year it’s a little quilted tote filled with historical romance books and magazines (she loves Flea Market and Green/Recycling mags.)

    My guy’s mom died on Mother’s Day, so I try to get him out of the house and do something together to keep his mind off the reminder. I’m happiest having dinner with my kids somewhere we all enjoy, which is usually what they do for me. I suspect this year I’ll also be getting a new set of drinking glasses, as my daughter has broken a half-dozen in the last couple months since we stopped buying plastic bottled water and drinks (she’s getting better, though.)

    • Lynn: I have a sister who breaks all our glasses. LOL.

      It’s tough when a parent is gone. It doesn’t matter how old you get. Worse, when they pass on a day of remembrance like Mother’s Day or a birthday. Taking his mind off the reminder is the kindest thing to do.

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