Countdown to Our Garage Sale, T minus 2 Days

It’s going to be hot as a pistol but we’re going to go ahead and have our garage sale this Friday and Saturday. I donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill after our last garage sale, but this time it’ll be all new stuff from our old house. Lots  of furniture and appliances. I even got Greg to get rid of some of the tools he doesn’t use anymore.

That’s the hard part about letting stuff go–especially for Greg. He really gets attached to stuff. With me, once something stops being useful, I give it the heave-ho. I am not sentimental about stuff. Dogs and husbands, yes, but not stuff.

I wanted to sell my Artograph art projector a dozen years ago back when I knew plenty of artists who would want one, but Greg insisted on keeping it. I’ll be hard pressed to find anyone today who knows what that is, let alone need one. It’s in immaculate shape though, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

We’ve got nearly everything priced. The crazy part will be Friday when we have to rush to get everything out on tables or on the lawn. If anyone wants to stop by and help, let me know. I will feed you well.

The other thing on my mind has been plugins for WordPress. What a pain in the tuckus! Currently, I have a subscriber widget to get people to sign up for blog updates, but what I really want is a fancier subscriber tool that lets me customize it. That means another plugin that has to be able to communicate with Mailchimp (it handles sending out emails).

If I were better at coding I’d try to modify the signup widget myself, but for now there’s too much on my plate.

Be that as it may, I am giving away a freebie. It’s a pdf called 101 Ways to Save on Groceries. It’ll should go out automatically to new subscribers, but I’ll have to go in and manually send it to old subscribers–if they want one, of course.

I got my blog’s business cards in time for the garage sale so I hope to hand them out to my neighbors this weekend. Last year, we were frequently asked for our name and phone number and there was a lot of little pieces of paper floating around. Hopefully, the business card will streamline that better.

My area has become very social lately. There’s a community group that we’ve joined that’s been great about sharing community news and events. It’s mostly stuff like lost dogs or stray cows, but hey, at least we’re involved.

I am glad for that. I’ve been worried that since we both stopped working for ‘the man’, Greg and I don’t socialize like we used to. It makes it harder because we live relatively far from neighbors. None of us can see the other because our homes are set in the back, not front and center like most suburban homes.

If I seem slow to respond for the next few days, I’m probably neck-deep with garage sale issues. Hopefully, come Monday, I’ll be back to my old self.

Have you ever had a garage sale? How did it go? Do you know your neighbors? Or is that not important to you?


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  1. If I lived nearby, I’d come help. It was your promise of feeding me well that did it. Okay, that, and it sounds like you have awesome stuff for sale. I’d probably leave with a full belly and more items I don’t really need. 🙂

    And what an excellent idea about the business cards!

  2. Good luck with the sale — I know how much work it is, especially in the summer months.

    We’ve had a couple of community garage sales, and we let the kids sell their unwanted toys and games at one of them to make some extra money. One man got past the kids and tried to slip inside our house through the garage (he said he was looking for the bathroom, which I wasn’t aware I’d made public), so we decided garage sales were not for us. Now we donate our unwanted items to Goodwill or the families in distress shelter in the city.

    I know all my neighbors, some quite well, but being in the country makes it tough to socialize. The farmers are too busy working from dawn until after dark, as are the young couples with kids. We both work full-time so by the weekend we just want to do our own stuff. But we’re friendly to the neighbors, get along fine with everyone, and are always available to lend yard tools or help with a minor crisis.

    It’s good to keep contact information for families of the older folks, especially if they live alone. Just the other day a lightning strike made my elderly widow neighbor’s house alarm go off. Since she’s on vacation I called her son-in-law to come over and shut it off before the cops arrived. Saved them a hefty ticket. 🙂

  3. Lynn: Oh my gosh! I’m glad you caught the guy before he got too far. That’s just scary.

    We hold our sale at Greg’s shop which is pretty far away from the house. We also keep one dog at the house and one with us. Nana is wary of everyone so she alerts us right away if someone acts suspicious.

    I know our neighbors on our dead end road, but few others, so I’d like to remedy that.

    And good on you for looking out for your elderly neighbors. There’s only couple older than us in our immediate area. Someday, we’ll be the elderly couple down the road. 🙂

  4. Good luck with the sale! It is good to “release” things that aren’t needed, so glad that Greg decided to release some of the things he had duplicates of or no longer needed. I bet you’ll do well, even in the heat. It will be like typical garage sales we have. You are busy for the first hour or two and then it trickles a few people here, a few people there.

    I haven’t joined any sites since we moved, but I was on Facebook Prescott when we lived there. It was nice to have that community involvement. We haven’t met too many of our neighbors yet here. We did talk to three of them when putting up our brick wall and did get a few telephone numbers in case of emergencies so that was nice.


    • Betty: I think it’s important to know our neighbors if for nothing else, safety’s sake. I like the feeling of belonging.

      re: blog updates
      I checked and the darn thing stopped. I don’t know why. I’ll have to work on it Sunday to figure out why it stopped.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  5. The last time I did a garage sale, I swore never again. I got so tired of people walking up, asking, “Will you take 10 cents for this?” when I was asking 20. All day! So annoying. So I just take it to Goodwill or sell it on to one of my neighbors. My husband’s always looking for an excuse to meet people around here!

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