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A light post today for this holiday week. I’m sharing a couple of links that save time and money.

Lozo is a coupon service that helpsFind Over 1,300 Free Grocery Coupons at you locate coupons for products you’re planning to buy. I don’t use a lot of coupons anymore so I haven’t tried this service. If you’re a coupon clipper, you might like this.

The other service is called SuperCook. It’s a breeze to use. Just click on the food items you have available and it’ll show you recipes specific to what you have on hand.

I like to use this site when I’m brain dead and can’t figure out how to use that last bit of spinach, or when I have an overabundance of tomatoes and squash. I can vouch for this site. Very useful!


The Fourth was nice, even if it was a bit hot and humid. The fireworks were a bit intense this year. I’ve come to really hate fireworks. Those of you who’ve been with me for a while might remember we lost Tank while the neighbors were blowing those bombs. We were at our wits’ end looking for him all night and all the next day. Thank God, a nice lady found him and called us when she found our number on his collar. It was a horrible experience but we got him back and that’s all that mattered.

Tank has passed, but since then we don’t let the dogs out of our sight during fireworks displays. Iko gets so scared that we’ve had to resort to drugs. We don’t give him a lot, just enough to take the edge off. Poor guy.

Do you like fireworks?



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  1. I like fireworks, especially the show after an A’s game. But I know what you mean about the dogs. They didn’t bother Scottie, but Cissie was terrified of them. We had to give her drugs, too. Cissie hated weird noises of all kinds. The battery warning on the smoke detectors was the worst. One tiny beep, and she’d be out the dog door, cowering deep under a plant in the farthest corner of the yard, trembling from head to toe.

  2. Marlene: We used to like fireworks but that’s changed since the dogs. 🙁

    re: battery warning
    That drives me insane! The first time it happened I didn’t realize the smoke detector was hard wired into the house. It took me forever to get it to stop. I nearly went to a hotel. Luckily I figured it out before it came to that.

  3. Maria the only fireworks that I feel comfortable with nowadays are televised ones. When young it was great fun to get together with a neighbor and pool our resources setting off lots of different kinds until out of noisemakers.

    We have never fortunately had a pet that fireworks bothered but I feel for poor Iko and you because did have one afraid of thunderstorms and it was a relief when he became deaf and slept through them.

    • Jackie: My Chelly was afraid of thunderstorms. I was also glad when she became deaf. Isn’t that odd to say? But it made her so much calmer when the storms came.

      I’ve never been one for a lot of noise. I like fireworks, but only from a distance–and not when I’m trying to sleep. Some of these hooligans were at until 2 in the morning.

  4. Stacy McKitrick

    I like fireworks, as long as they’re not in the neighborhood. I’m always afraid those idiots will set something on fire.

    I got a brief glimpse of the show our city put on Friday. I would have gone to the park to see them, but we already had tickets to the Dragons game, so ended up missing them (except for that glimpse as we drove home). I just hate that I can’t depend on what day they will show the fireworks. It’s like no one likes to do them on the 4th anymore. Grrr…

    • Stacy: We’ve been lucky in that it’s rained nearly every day so at least the ground was moist. There have been some years where we’ve had fireworks bans if we’d been too dry that month.

      We did hear someone had to be airlifted when he put himself on fire blowing off firecrackers.

  5. Thanks for the coupon & cooking links — they both sound very cool.

    I have no choice but to like fireworks; the farmers around here really like to blow up the big illegal kind. Last night they were lighting up the sky on three sides of us; I felt like I was at Ellis Island. 🙂 Our dogs get more excited than afraid, but we keep them inside and distract them with toys until it’s over.

    I wish people would celebrate the 4th more like we did when I was a kid, with picnics in the park, long walks, hometown parades and that sort of thing. We went to watch our hometown parade yesterday morning, which is super small and has only homemade floats, but and it made me very nostalgic.

    • Lynn:
      re: picnics…
      Oh, my gosh. I forgot all about that! How did we lose traditions like that in one lifetime?

      We’re in the same boat. It’s very rural. Normally, the fireworks stop by 11pm, but this year they went on all night. Methinks a few kids have become teenagers and think it’s fun to act like idiots until 3 in the morning. Makes me want to go over to their houses and wake them up and 5am and see how they like it.

  6. I’ll have to try out those two links you provided. I love public displays of fireworks but haven’t seen one in a bit. The last few years of our corgi’s life, he hated fireworks (and at the time we lived in San Diego area where Sea World did nightly fireworks every day during summer. We were miles away but you could still hear them a bit). Where we lived closed to a golf course (about a mile away) they always did a big display on the 4th. We just got to the point of staying home and trying to keep everything as noisy as we could inside so he wouldn’t be too affected. Lots of stories on the news over the past few days of watching out for pets during this time of year.


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