What Is Comfort Food For You

When our floors were refinished back in January 2017, we were trapped in one tiny corner of the house for hours on end. Our incarceration gave Greg and me a craving for comfort food.

There’s something about a familiar food that puts us back in a good place especially when there’s chaos all around us. Food changes with the seasons too–at least for me.

When it’s blistering hot, I love nothing better than a giant salad with all my favorite vegetables, topped with feta cheese. I can eat it with or without dressing as long as there is salt and cracked pepper.

Sandwiches are another home-food in the summer. My mouth waters when I think of a fat roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread–and a giant Kosher pickle on the side. There was a Jewish deli in Chicago that had the BEST deli sandwiches. Only the locals knew about it, and it was always packed.

Greg loves ribs in the summer, and chili in the winter. We both love homemade pasta sauce on spaghetti.

The sauce is a simmering blend of tomatoes, sauce, sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, and a medley of seasonings slow cooked on the stove top over a couple of hours. Greg likes to have a nice red wine with pasta. Sometimes some of it actually goes into the sauce, but most of it goes into him. 🙂

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And bread! It doesn’t matter what kind of bread it is as long as it comes straight out of the oven.

Winter is when I like to cook hearty stews and soups, and many more cookies and cakes than are good for us. I think most of us tend to cocoon in the winter so we want what makes us feel safe and warm.

When life becomes sad, mad, chaotic, or scary, comfort food always seems to make things right again. It makes me think about my mom, home, and safety.

What’s your comfort food? Does it change with the seasons?

And can you believe it’s October already? I love October! All the best things happen in October. We have the State Fair, Halloween, and our wedding anniversary.

What’s happening for you in October?



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  1. You’re killing me with all this comfort food talk! I like to cook in the winter too. Chicken and dumplings is one of our favorites. I make big fluffy dumplings (using Bisquick LOL). And meatloaf, oven barbecued chicken, oven fish & chips and a lot of crock potting 🙂

    • Gwen: I don’t know what it is about the fall. It always makes me want to cook more. I put up 4 meat loaves already prepped and formed in the freezer. All I have to do is pop them in the oven.

      re: dumplings
      I was never a fan of dumplings until I tasted an old grandma’s version. OMG! It was good.
      When Greg was at work they cooked a lot. One guy introduced him to using flour tortillas as dumplings. He just cut them into squares and let them cook in the broth. He said it tasted just like homemade dumplings.

  2. Comfort foods…yum yum! Just thinking about a hearty, tasty chili in the winter gives me the happy-joys 🙂

    My late mother loved cooking a delicious beef stew during fall and winter. And she’d bake cornbread to go with it. So, so good.

    • Angela: My mom used to make a lot of stew too. Guess that was the cheapest thing she could make and feed all of us kids. But it was good and filling.

      Funny thing. When I started out on my own, the last thing I wanted was stew. I guess that was my way of rebelling against tradition. Now I find myself making stews and reliving good memories.

  3. We have an October anniversary too 🙂 My old comfort food used to be chocolate but I’ve phased that out. I always say I’ve never met a potato, pasta, or bread that I didn’t like so I’m thinking those are my comfort foods ::)


  4. All food for me is comfort food. I wake up in the morning with a yen for something or other and that’s it. In general however, for most of the year I love salad sandwiches with extra virgin olive oil and fresh white bread. In the depth of winter Beef and Beer stew and Porridge with honey, but not both together.
    Ref October nothing significant – perhaps start Anthony Powell’s ‘A Dance to the Music of time.’
    We have, however ordered a brand new and highly expensive bathroom, so there’s that to look forward to along with the porridge – which we’ll be eating for the foreseeable future 🙂

  5. Mike: Bathrooms can be unbelievably expensive. Greg did a fabulous job on one bathroom for a house we no longer own. 🙁 I’d love for him to do the same stone work for one of our current bathrooms, but it seems silly to update something that doesn’t need it.

    Send me pictures when you get it finished!

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