Christmas Shopping Head Start

Christmas shopping head start

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

As of today, I have only one more person on my list. Most of my gifts will be food gifts so I got off easy this year, but there are several close friends and family for whom I do shop.

I like to start thinking about potential gifts around September, but in reality, I keep an open mind all year long. If I see something that I know someone would love, I buy it. I don’t always save it for Christmas though.

What’s more pleasant than getting a surprise gift for no reason at all? Those are my favorite! And honestly, I remember gifts for no reason at all better than the ones I get for Christmas.

The other plus for shopping early is that it’s not such a drain on the finances. I can spread it out over a series of months instead of all in one whoosh. We’ve just had a couple of hefty bills land on us all of a sudden, so I’m glad I started early now.

This year for some strange reason I seem fixated on health gifts like fitness watches and comfy pillows. Yes. Pillows. I’m one of those people who has a hard time falling (and staying) asleep. It’s a monumental task for me to fall asleep. For that reason I’m sensitive to others who face the same problem.

Greg’s on his fourth pillow in five years, but I still have my first one from when I bought our last bed. It’s time to replace it. It’s lost some of its oomph–or maybe that’s me. 😀

What kind of gifts are you planning to give this year? Do you give “health” gifts to your loved ones?

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  1. I’ve done some Christmas shopping while on vacation. Those gift shops can be hard to ignore! And now I have a grand daughter to buy for, which I have to be careful and not spend TOOOOOO much on her.

    But I usually buy the stocking stuffers as I see them (and I see them while on vacation, too). Yes, we still do stockings. They’re fun!! Although… this is the first year in decades where we don’t have a mantle to hang them on. I’ll have to figure something out!

    • Stacy: I have a friend who’s a world traveler and she always brings me back the neatest gifts from her travels.

      And grandbabies! You are really going to have to discipline yourself. I’ve never known a grandma yet who can’t stop buying things for the grand kids.

      I miss doing stockings. They are fun–and cute on the mantel.

  2. Angela L Brown

    The main person I shop for has expressed little interest in Christmas gifts so far. I have a sneaky suspicion she may want to do some gift giving to a family or organization in need again.

  3. Mike Keyton

    Bernadette is for ever squirreling things away for Christmas. I just buy what i’m told to buy, but I do have the Christmas cake made by November 29 — then three weeks soaking it in various spirits on the basis of one for me and one for thee. Hmmm Maybe I should start the cake earlier

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