Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50: Week Three

Gift Ideas Under $50

Gift Ideas Under $50 — Week Three

This is Week Three for Under $50 Gifts. It’s beginning to feel a lot more Christmasy lately. Shoppers everywhere now. But I prefer to do my shopping online. How about you? Do you like braving the traffic during Christmas season?

Check out what I’ve found.  Click on the pictures or links for more information.

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Table Topics

With so many get-togethers and parties, this is a timely gift. It gives you questions you can use to start conversations.




Yiddish Proverb Money Clip

When I saw this, I laughed out loud. It just tickles me, cuz it’s true.




Shaving Brush

I bought this for Greg last year. He swears it gives him a much better lather just using plain old soap. It’s a keeper.





Beef Jerky Bouquet

Now I’ve seen everything! But it’s the perfect gift for your favorite carnivore.



Survival Gear Kit

I actually bought this for a male friend this year. And now Greg wants one too! I think it would be good to keep in the car. That pen looking object on the upper right is for smashing car windows if you’re ever trapped in your car.


Tea infusers.

I know several of my friends are big tea drinkers and who couldn’t use a good quality (or at least fun) infuser?





I love these little notebooks. I carry one in my purse all the time so I can jot down notes. I find every time I think I’ll remember something–I don’t. These would make great stocking stuffers.



Ceramic heater

I just bought one of these for Greg. In Texas it’s not always worth putting on the big central heater. Sometimes a little space heater is all you need to take the chill out. It’s great if you work in an office too. They always keep those offices way too cold.

This is the one I bought for Greg.


Rotary tool. My friend, Brandy reminded me of this. Although Dremel is the name brand, it’s pricier than the one I found here. This one has more accessories and good reviews too.





Home security camera

I swear by these. We have outdoor cameras, but we also keep indoor ones that we turn on whenever we leave the house for more than a day.



Weather station

Another must-have especially for gardeners and other outdoorsy types. We love ours. I’ll be honest, we have the more expensive type that also gives us wind speed, but for years, this simpler one was a reliable workhorse.



Art set for kids

I’ll end this week’s list with something for the kids. For years, one of my go-to gifts for an art loving kid on my gift list was an art set. It keeps them busy and quiet at the same time. Parents love me for that.  🙂


That’s it for this week. I probably won’t post Wednesday. I’ve got a lot on my plate this week.

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  1. Maria, Karl loves his Dremel tool and its different accessories so that is indeed a good idea for a male/female handyman gift.

    Personally am still giggling at the Yiddish Money clip quotation as it is cute!

    I think there may be a Survival Gear Kit in Karl’s future and we all love the Weather Station we have in Mom’s bedroom. Even though the cheaper version we bought her for Christmas 3 or so years ago had to be upgraded to a nicer, and of course more expensive one, this summer as we all depend on it for accuracy rather than our local weather forecast apps and TV reports.

  2. Security cameras, shaving brush and ceramic heater for me. I have an electric razor, but I swear I look five years younger when I wet shave with a shaving brush I’ve had for twenty or so years. Ref the five years younger, it’s okay to kid yourself as you approach Christmas.

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