Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50: Week Five

Gift Ideas Under $50 — Week Five

This is Week Five for Under $50 Gifts.

Check out what I’ve found.  Click on the pictures or links for more information.

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Sofa Throw Blanket

This is a pretty safe gift. Unless you give something with garish colors or a theme that doesn’t suit the recipient, comforters are welcome additions to any home–especially in the winter. Get them something warm and cozy.




Charging Station

I don’t know about you but our counters are always cluttered with something that needs to be charged. This keeps it neat and efficient.




Sunrise Alarm Clock

Shopping for a sleepyhead who has a hard time waking up? This could help!





Lego Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Every little Storm Trooper should have one.




Moon Lamp

I have to admit, Greg wanted this. It is kind of cool.





Tea Collection Gift Set

If there’s a tea drinker on your list, consider giving them a sampler set so they can try new teas.



For Hot Sauce Lovers Only

This one won an award for best tasting hot sauce. That’s important. It’s not about the heat, but the flavor.




Say what you will about fruitcake, but Collin Street Bakery is hands down a winner. We buy my mother a fruitcake every time she visits. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried this one.


Emergency Radio, Flash Light and Phone Charger

This one is great. Not only can you can crank it for power but it also has a solar cell for charging.


Garden Kneeler

I love mine so much I bought a second one for Greg. It’s just the right height for sitting in front of your work. The kneeling pad is thick and it’s a great help to have those metal bars for lifting you up.



Survival Seed Garden

There are lots of different seed packs, but this one is pretty good at a great price. Non GMO and heirloom vegetable seeds.




Figurine, Design Toscano

I’ve always liked Design Toscano’s catalog of items. They can sometimes be pretty pricey, but this one is in our range. If you’ve got a fan of Egyptology, this would be a fun gift.



That’s it for this week. I’ll be gone again until next week. I’m hoping for encouraging news later this week, but I know we still have a long way to go until things are back to normal. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. So much to like here – the charging station and Garden kneelers. Darth Vader made me chuckle. We were walking in Debenhams in Oxford two days ago and I picked up a Darth Vader pizza cutter that breathed heavily as you cut. It could freak out the unwary 🙂

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