Christmas Dinner

Greg has already put in his request for Christmas dinner. Rib roast. I get to decide on the side dishes. I think I’ll do peas, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts, with croissant rolls. I’ll do a spinach salad because that’s what I like, but I’m pretty sure he’ll only have eyes for the roast.

I’m not sure what to do for dessert. Since October, we’ve had pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies.  A cake might be nice, but only if we invite company. Cake is just too much dessert for two people.

I’m not a dessert person so I never quite know what’s appropriate. I try to cater to whoever is sitting at the table. I’d really like to do something different and lighter, but I’m stuck.

What are you making for Christmas dinner? What kind of desserts do you make? If you have any recipes, I’m not too proud to ask either. LOL!

How big a crowd do you see on Christmas? I think we’re having friends over before Christmas since most people want to eat with their families.

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  1. We’re having rib roast for my birthday (Dec 24th) with Pommes Dauphinoise and a salad. For Christmas, a leg of pork, and roast chicken, with the usual stuff and Christmas pudding.
    Ref Christmas cake, we have two. My son made one because he likes icing and I loathe it. I made the second one which I’m currently ‘feeding’ ie thoroughly pricking it and dripping a tablespoon of brandy/cointreau/whisky over its surface on alternate days. Thing is the cake (like pets) isn’t only for Christmas. It lasts until Easter though we’ ve usually finished it well before then 🙂 Merry Christmas to you both! 🙂

    • Mike: I had to look up what pommes Dauphinoise was. You gave me a good idea for trying something different for potatoes. I like icing too, but I’m flexible. I’m sure I could force myself to eat brandied cake. ☺

      Merry Christmas, Mike!

  2. Your menu sounds delicious! We are going over to son’s; I know he’s doing a ham and we’ll be bringing some side dishes and rum cake, his request. I wouldn’t make it if it was just hubby and me, too much of it left over. Maybe see what Greg wants for dessert and leave it at that. And if he doesn’t want anything, then don’t bother with it?


  3. We have a buffet the day before Christmas so the day we have leftovers. On the buffet will be roast turkey, shrimp and one more meat dish. All the side you can imagine plus whatever cookies the daughter-in-law brings. On Christmas day, I’ll also bake a ham to make sure we have lots for sandwiches for a few days.

  4. Your dinner sounds scrumptious. I don’t cook on Christmas Day; it’s the one day every year I refuse to spend in the kitchen. We usually do deli platters or my guy grills (I’ll make some side dishes the day before.) For dessert we have all the cookies, cake and pie I make all week before the big day. I never know how many people will drop in so I make enough for an army, and then send the extra home with them in tins and baskets. I like Susan’s tradition of the Christmas Eve buffet — that’s smart.

    A scoop of ice cream over a warm brownie or a big chocolate chip cookie is a good dessert to make for two people, and you can buy everything in small quantities at the market if you don’t want to bake.

    • Lynn: Good for you! You sound as if you cook far more than I do. Every cook deserves at least one night off for good behavior. 🙂

      Deli sandwiches sounds like a good idea for the day after Christmas. We should have enough roast beast for a second meal.

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