Cheap Tricks: Celery

I do this religiously. My celery used to die on me long before I finished the whole head.

Did you know that a rib of celery provides 6 calories to the body, but the body expends only half of a single calorie digesting it.  From Wikepedia

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  1. BE: It works. It’s not indefinite, but it did keep it fresh enough for me to use mine up.

    If that’s not long enough, the other thing you can try is to put it in a tall jar with a little water at the bottom. (Change the water frequently.) Celery is one of those plants you can regrown from the root. Keeping it in water will keep the root alive even in the fridge.

  2. I’m going to try this. I rarely use celery, but when I do, then it goes bad on me indeed. I’ve come to even buying the snack size at a higher price just not to waste the stalk of it. Next time I hope I remember the aluminum foil trick.

    thanks for sharing it!


  3. Don’t like celery, so doesn’t matter. When I buy it for a recipe (and trust me, that’s not very often), I use what I need and toss the rest. I won’t eat it raw, so why keep it?

    But I did notice your little note. So basically, you can GAIN weight eating too much celery. So not worth it. Haha!

  4. Marianne

    I actually use celery in nearly everything! Salads, smoothies, I sauté it with other veggies to add to eggs in the mornings, juice it, soups, broths, use it to add crunch to potato salad, tuna or egg salad and so much more. I’ve never heard of this trick, though, so will give it a try.

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