Cheap Tricks: Bitey Onions

We eat a lot of onions, and sometimes we come across onions that are too hot, intense, or just too dang bitey to enjoy. Here’s a tip I’ve used for years and it works. Some people say you have to drown your onions up to a half hour but a few minutes is all you really need.

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  1. Now I’ll have to try to remember that 🙂 We don’t do a lot with raw onions, they sometimes get my stomach. Maybe I’ll have to try this trick and see if I can tolerate them better. Have a great weekend!


    • Mike: I don’t think you’d taste the vinegar, but I generally rinse in cold water. To me the result is the same.

      PS Apologies to you and Stacy. Apparently WordPress is getting tetchy again. For some reason it is picking on the same people again. I don’t know why. \o/

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