Cheap Tricks: Amazon Price Drop Guarantee


Cheap Tricks, Amazon refund


I’ve done this recently with a power inverter we bought for Greg’s solar array. It was the most expensive piece of equipment we bought for the solar panels, and it was something we watched for a long time before we bought it. On a hunch, I loaded it back to my Wish List. Sure enough, it went down by $30 three weeks later.

I politely inquired at Amazon about the price drop and they gladly credited my account. The service rep did warn me though that if the price dropped again, I could only ask for a refund once.

It pays to keep track of purchases, especially the more expensive ones where the money could be significant.

Have you ever asked Amazon to refund the difference? Did you have a similar experience to mine?


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  1. That is interesting to know. It is good that they honored their policy too when you asked about it on that item. I don’t buy much from Amazon, but will definitely make a note of this when I do.


  2. Betty: I’ve become a pseudo-expert on Amazon because we buy so much there. 9 times out of 10 their prices are lower than what we can get locally. Since we live in the boonies it’s even more convenient to have it delivered to the door.

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