Cheap Trick: Used Water

Over the winter my feet got dry and sore, so I soaked them in hot water with Epsom salts. Blame it on my sore tootsies, but I broke my number one rule about recycling and forgot to reuse that water for my plants.

Here’s my Cheap Trick when it comes to used water. Use it again.

There are a few liquids you should not use on plants: such as coffee, soda, pool water, or wine.

Liquids that are good for plants include: ice, pasta water, aquarium water, water from your humidifier, and tea. As long as the liquid is not too acidic or sugary, you should be safe.



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  1. Great tips – so with that hot boiling water leftover from pasta, I pour it on ant beds. Not sure if it kills them or they just relocate but it does get rid of the ant bed. Also use it on weeds… Leftover boiling water from chicken processing is also good for that too. My grandma was big on reusing water so I do it too. Sometimes I forget and I still collect it outdoors.

  2. So how do you drain your pasta? From the pot to a bowl via a colander? Guess it doesn’t matter so much to me, I don’t have any house plants (just the one cactus, which doesn’t get watered all that much), I just wondered.

    • Stacy: If you ever watch those cooking shows, a good cook pulls the pasta out with tongs or that spoon with fingers on it. I don’t know what it’s called, but you’d recognize it if you saw it.

      They also use several ladles of pasta water in their sauce. I’ve never done that but apparently it’s part of the recipe.

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