Cheap Trick: Save Money on Plants

Although I start many of my plants from seed, if I’m late getting plants started or want to try something new at the nursery, I sometimes buy seedlings already in pots.

I always look for the strongest plants first, but my next priority is to see if there are any with multiple seedlings. The happens most often with squash, okra, and cucumbers.

I rarely let seedlings grow together. I think they have a better fighting chance if they don’t have to compete for nutrients. That’s when I realized I could replant the culls. Free plants for very little effort.

Are you doing a garden this year?

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  1. Michael Keyton

    I find cuttings good, too. Took several from an old rhododendron called ‘grumpy’ after me. Plan to do the same with some rosebushes, trying out a trick taken from facebook. May be rubbish but the tip advocated digging the cutting into an old potato and planting both in the earth. Worst case scenario, I’ll get sweet smelling potatoes

  2. Jenny Schwartz

    Striking cuttings was part of how people grew their gardens when I was a kid – swapping pieces of plants. Mum still strikes carnations and geraniums/pelargoniums. I think succulents are a good place to start for people not used to growing plants from cuttings.

    • Jenny: I never realized I could take cuttings from a geranium. I might try that if things slow down a little. Thanks!

      I do make starter plants by layering–laying down a branch from a plant and burying part of it in the dirt. I’ve started new rosemary and blackberries this way.

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