Cheap Trick: Freezing Meat

CT, freezing meat


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    • BE: That’s how I started but I figured I’d go ahead and make them patty shaped (I always make 1/3 lb patties) and save the trouble for later.

      The only time I leave them in slabs now is if I need them for a nacho plate or something as big.

  1. JackieBCentralTexas

    Used to do this but nowadays just use around less than a pound at a time to make one pan meals in skillet or dutch oven as cooking is becoming challenging some days more than others and food prep especially as my right hand is slowly losing it’s usefulness due to nerve damage and atrophy. Maria you and your chick have a good tip and you’re right that if only one or two people to cook for doing this ahead of time is a great time saver when need to actually make a meal.

    Happy Happy to see the plug-in now includes notify of new posts by email and hope it works as have checked it off! 🙂

  2. Jackie: I’m still testing the “master” sign in plugin that will be more useful to subscribers once I get it working. The one you’re on is strictly WordPress. It works but kind of limiting if I want to send freebies or special information.
    I hope to get all the bugs fixed by next week.

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