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In the example below, Halo 5 was $49.99 when I started tracking it on December 26. The lowest price I had found until now had been $33.64. I put that price in the Comments section to remind me. The day I scheduled this post it came down to $31.98. Will this be the lowest price? It might dip down another dollar or two but this is as low as I’ve seen it in three months so I’m relatively sure this is a good price.

Personally, this is $32 too much for me, but it isn’t my toy, so I must be magnanimous. You’re welcome, Greg.

wish list sample

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    • Rebekah: I don’t like using that feature. It’s never notified me as the price changed, but it does tell me about it if I’m already in my ‘cart’.

      I prefer to see everything in a nice structured list. The comment feature is especially nice because I can not only add the price but also list other web sites or notes on comparable products.

    • Mike: It’s a running battle between us. There’s always some toy or game that he wants. He’s learned to put it on the wish list and I take care of it from there. When it comes down in price I’ll let him know, then he can tell me if he still wants it.

      DΓ©tente. πŸ™‚

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