Breville Smart Toaster Oven Review

So help me, I fought against buying this machine. There was no way I was going to spend that much for a toaster oven. I’d already been burned once buying what I thought was a top of the line KitchenAid that I hated from Day One.

The KitchenAid was about $100 eight years ago. It was substantial, not the lightweight cheapies you see everywhere, but holy moley, was it hard to program. Push that button, twist that dial, sacrifice a unicorn, and hope for the best. Greg never got the hang of it. I only managed if I studied all the dials first so I knew what to touch first.

I was so glad when that thing bit the dust.

But I wasn’t prepared for sticker shock. The Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven was twice the price of the KitchenAid. In its defense, it’s also a convection oven, but still.

In a moment of weakness, Greg guilted me into buying the Breville. From the very first slice of toast, I was hooked.

• The controls are easy to understand and intuitive.
• The cooking area is ample. I can cook six slices of bread, a 12 inch pizza, and a whole chicken.
• The trays can be moved to three different positions.
• The convection oven part cooks in 2/3 the time of regular baking.
• It is EASY to clean. I cannot stress this enough. My old machine tore my hands apart every time I wanted to get into every nook and cranny.

It is expensive. There’s no getting around that, but I can honestly say it was worth it. Except for some Christmas baking, I have not used my regular oven since getting the Breville.

Greg was right. I was wrong. There! I admitted it on a public venue.

If you’re looking for a toaster oven, invest in this one.  I’ve used mine nearly every day since I got it in November and I’ve not had even the teensiest problem. Big ovens are fine for roasting turkeys or baking wedding cakes, but for everyday meals, the Breville is all I need.

If it lasts as long as the old one, it’ll be money well spent.


Speaking of money well spent, I am happy to report our floors are finished. It looks beautiful. If we can get some of the furniture back in, I’ll post pictures later this week.

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    • Dru: Microwaves heat food differently, faster, but not crisper.

      If you want to reheat leftovers, microwaves are the way to go, but to cook food so that it’s crisp on the outside and cooked on the inside, toaster ovens are better.

      Like you, I cook for only myself or the husband so using the big oven was counterproductive.

      A good sized toaster oven handles everything we normally cook in a day.

      PS I might review my new microwave later on. It’s okay for the price, but I wasn’t happy with it. I’ve had better.

    • Stacy: I was very late accepting convection cooking. Most products don’t give you time instructions for cooking with convection, so you have to guess.

      I’ve gotten used to it though and I use it almost exclusively now. I rarely switch back to conventional cooking.

  1. We have a ‘toaster oven’ inbuilt above our main oven. It’s a grill/oven/microwave combo. We do however have a ‘breville sandwich toaster’ – not used often but when used gives rise to the cry ‘Why don’t we use this more often!’ 🙂

  2. Jennifer Shirk

    LOL! I’m glad the investment worked out.
    I have a regular Breville toaster (expensive too) but I really like it. It’s four slice, wide slots, and has a reheat toast function which is pretty nice

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