Of Blogs and Birthdays

I’ve got a birthday tomorrow, a milestone birthday no less. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. It kind of feels like all the others, but just a little bit more ouchy. 🙂

It’s not a big deal. I don’t know why the commercials on tv makes it sound like we’re all a bunch of invalids in adult diapers. I just moved 300 irises, planted two trees, mucked out the animal pens, and transplanted 50 strawberry plants and 28 potato plants. Greg built me three new raised beds, dug ditches, and lay pipe for new irrigation lines.

Advertisers! Sheesh!

Do you want to know what it’s like to get older? It’s not so bad. Really!

Yeah, your joints act up, and it’s harder to recover from injuries, but I’m having more fun. I enjoy my friends more. I’m genuinely interested in their accomplishments and what they have to say.

I can look back and see actual progress in my work, personally, professional, and at home. That always makes me feel good. And for the first time in my life, I feel like I can make concrete plans. Greg is home for good. We’re not moving anytime soon, and I can put down solid roots.

The weird part for me is that I’m much more willing to take chances. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because if I don’t, I run the risk of never getting a second chance. I want to grab the brass ring with both hands.

This year is exciting for a lot of reasons. I want to write more, including books. I won’t plan on any new fiction for a while, but I would like to do more nonfiction. My buddy, Jenny Schwartz thought I should write a homesteading book. That’s such a broad subject and there are a lot of books out there now. I’d love to come up with a unique angle. Maybe homesteading from a border collie’s point of view.

I was inspired by a blog workshop I attended yesterday to do some freelance (nonfiction) writing. I haven’t done that in decades. Not since we raised emu and rhea.

The blog workshop was so much fun. I so rarely get a chance to talk to people in the flesh. Made me feel all human. There was an extra treat when presenter Carole West introduced us to stenciling. The only stenciling I’ve ever done was when I was labeling boxes for a move! Carole and co-presenter Jemma were a lively duo that made me feel I could turn this blog into something special.

Here’s the stencil I made during the workshop.

I’ll talk more about the workshop and these awesome bloggers in a week or so. Right now I need to digest what I’ve learned and how I’ll apply it.

So how about you? How do you feel about your blog? What would you like to change? What topics do you love discussing most?

Do you have any suggestions for my blog? More posts about homesteading? Home hacks? Saving money?

Now for a really important question. Chocolate ganache or lemon curd for my birthday cake? I’m leaning toward Mexican food for my night out, so chocolate might be the better choice, but I love lemon curd too. So many choices.

May all your choices be just as delicious.









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  1. Was so nice to meet you yesterday and guess what… I have two emus! We need to get together and I’d love to know more about the animals you raise. So glad you enjoyed yesterday we had a great time sharing with y’all and I love your sign can’t wait to see how you put it together.

    • Carole: You and Jemma were amazing. I could’ve heard you guys talk all day. Maybe we can do this again sometime. I’m so grateful you offered to share your experiences.

      re: emu
      Ha! Great minds! They are cool birds. I miss the drumming sound the males made.

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow! I’m not fond of chocolate ganache (that’s that thick, rubbery chocolate, right?) and not quite sure what lemon curd is (unless it’s the stuff in lemon merengue pie (yum!), so can’t help you too much with your choice. But hey, I’m not eating it, so I guess it doesn’t matter. 🙂

  3. Jenny Schwartz

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Nana would love to test any and all possible homesteading adventures, I’m positive! and she’s so photogenic. Another twist (given the big birthday celebrations – chocolate cake for sure, btw) could be Homesteading for the Over … Tips, Tricks & Challenges for Homesteading in Retirement. You have such an easy, visual writing style, add in some images and you could have a coffeetable type book for people to dream over as well as study for practical advice. Or has it already been done? Texas is also a good keyword/hook for a book.

    Have a fabulous birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!! I’m hitting a milestone this year when my birthday occurs later. I really don’t feel the age but what is sobering is the reports I type at work and I see someone in a nursing home with a long list of medications and medical problems and they are only a few short years older than hubby (he is the older one here, I always have to remind people of that). Your workshop sounded interesting; looking forward to hearing more about it. I do enjoy your homestead posts. Its something I’ll never do, but something I like to learn more about.

    I don’t think I have ever had either of the 2 desserts you mentioned, but because I’m a chocolate fan I would go with the chocolate ganache. However you celebrate, make it a good one!


  5. Happy Birthday Maria!
    Pure joy to meet you on Sunday! I love the energy that surrounds you as well as your expertise and talent in so many areas of life, business, creativity and Country living.
    I agree we aren’t getting old, we are getting better. ( I really believe it too!)
    Cheers to a fantastic day!

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