Baby Goats!

#baby goats

Unless my last Boer (unbred) doe decides to surprise me, I think that’s it for baby goats this year.

We had a hard year. Pan, our most experienced doe had four babies, but only one survived. That he managed to survive being born 12 days early is a miracle. He’s a sweet little guy. I’m half tempted to keep him and sell our big buck, Ray Charles. We had the little guy disbudded, just in case we keep him.

If I can work with him a little more and teach him to follow me on a lead that would help a lot in deciding whether to keep him or not.

The final tally:

Pan (Boer) had four and lost three.

Ruby (Boer) had one, but lost her life and the life of the little buckling.

Brownie, (Nubian) the family favorite, had one little girl.

ButtercupĀ (Nubian) had one girl too. Her udder is so full I’m having to milk her to relieve some of the pressure. If you want milk, Nubians really deliver on the goods.

The Nubians tend to have twins, but this time all I got were singles. After the year we’ve had it’s just as well. I’ll try to find them good homes.

They’re all gorgeous and more importantly healthy. I tend to worry until they pass the two month stage. By then they’re too big for hawks and are on regular food and more self sufficient. We’ll sell the babies, the full grown bucks, and nearly all the does this year.

I’m keeping Brownie for sure but I’m not sure which Boer doe I’ll keep. The plan was to keep Ruby, the red Boer who died during kidding, but now it’s a toss up between Pan and Patch (the unbred doe). I prefer Pan, but she can be a bit of a bully with the herd since she still has horns. I have time to decide yet.

Here are my other two girls.



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    • Lisa: It is hard because we have history with all of them. Brownie is the favorite. She asks for nothing and is grateful for any bit of attention she gets. She’s also a phenomenal milker.

      We have to keep some goats in order to keep our agricultural exemption.

  1. The joy of seeing those sweet faces is offset by the bittersweet loss of the rest. I am happy to hear something positive has come out of the births and hope to hear more good things about these littles in the future Maria.

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