Amazon Prime Day Starts July 11th

I’ve been reading that Amazon Prime Day will be even bigger than Black Friday. I’m ready! I have a list of things on my wish list. I hope even if an item isn’t a Prime Day special, vendors might discount their inventory anyway to get in on the frenzy.

Prime Day is Amazon’s big day to offer discounts on thousands of One-Day-Only deals. Last year, I thought it was more promise than product, but this year, Amazon claims it will be bigger than ever before.

Prime Day starts (unofficially at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern on July 10. With a full day of sales on July 11. The only stipulation is that you must be a Prime Member to participate.

We buy from Amazon a lot, and more importantly we stream movies and buy books through Prime. If you don’t have a membership, you can get around it by going for their 30 day Free Trial. It costs nothing to try them, then you can also shop Prime Day.

And let’s not forget Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. It’s time to restock the gift closet. For more on gift closets, check out this post.

If you’re not in a hurry, be sure to select No Rush delivery for a bonus of $5 credit for Prime Pantry, or $1 credit for ebooks and streaming movies. Credit varies by type of purchase.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. If you already have Prime, buy a membership for your college student or parents. It truly makes a great gift.

I plan to be shopping for Christmas presents during Prime Day. It would be nice to get all my shopping done way before the rush. Anyone else shop way before the holidays?


I’ll be in and out today. I will be at a jury duty summons. What were they thinking? Did they not know my legend as the hanging juror? I don’t remember how many times I’ve been called for jury duty, but so far I’ve never made it to an actual trial. I have to assume I’m more menacing than I look.

Have you been to jury duty? Do you have any good stories to tell about when you were there? I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of sitting around and me reading off my phone.



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  1. Maria the one and only time that Jury Duty got on my agenda was because of an ambush in parking lot of local grocery store. They were stopping people on the way out and signing them up if lived in Bastrop County as needed a larger panel to pick from last minute. I was not chosen to serve thank goodness because it was a murder case. Years later due to my MS had to take a doctors excuse to the courthouse when sent an actual summons to serve so it went in my records letting them know medically unfit so as they would hopefully not send another.

    Hopefully you will not be chosen either and do not have to face driving in every day until the trial is over.

    • Maria Zannini

      Jackie: I didn’t realize the could pick you off the street! Learn something new everyday.

      I’m at the courthouse now and it is wall to wall people. I’m pretty sure the turned off the a.c. too.

      • I had no idea that you could be collared into appearing by approaching random people and putting them on a list for duty either, until it happened to me that day Maria.

        No AC in July, well that is one way to speed selection up!

  2. Stacy McKitrick

    I don’t shop Amazon all that much (I get my books at B&N). Prime does not interest me, since when I do buy, it’s for more than $50, so I get free shipping anyway.

    As for jury duty, the last time I was called I got selected for the jury. That was probably 10-15 years ago. Maybe I’m not on the list anymore since I was on an actual trial? That would be sweet! Of course, I don’t have a job to worry about if I do get called again. Last time I was supposed to travel to Kentucky on the day I was called. Felt awkward calling work and telling them I couldn’t go!

  3. Jenny Schwartz

    I feel like I should wish you happy Prime Day 🙂 It’s not happening here in Australia. Maybe one day. Hope the jury stuff doesn’t put a damper on the bargain hunting. Good luck!

  4. Angela Brown

    I don’t get to shop on Amazon like I used to but it sounds like Prime Day is a good day to take advantage of discounts.

    Although I’ve received a jury summons, I usually don’t get picked. The last couple of times, I just had to call in the day before and found out my juror number wasn’t part of the pool they were choosing from.

  5. I did hear about Prime day. I did have Prime when I was buying lots from Amazon, then we cut back and that went away. I actually love jury duty (except for now that I have to drive to downtown Phoenix and I don’t drive). My employer pays for 10 days of it and where we lived in San Diego, you were called in to wait to see if you were sent to a court room or not. Read books during that time and got paid for my time 🙂

    I did serve on a jury back in San Diego in 2013. It was a fascinating case. A felony murder was the charge. The guy on trial actually didn’t commit the crime but was with the person who did commit the crime and the law was that if you were with someone who committed a murder, you could get charged with felony murder. Sad case. Drug deal that went bad. 28 year old man died, slated to get married a month later, had a little girl with his fiance. The guy on trial that I was on jury for was 17 at the time of the murder, but charged as an adult. The guy who actually killed the person was 16 (charged as an adult). Two other accomplices got charged also with felony murder. We heard 2 days of testimony (I would have voted guilty based on what I had heard so far). Third day we showed up the time we were supposed to. Delay in getting into the court room. Found out that the defendant took a plea. 17 years in prison. He was afraid he would get life and no one wants to get life in prison with or without the possibility of parole. The shooter did get 25 years to life in prison without possibility of parole. The other 2 accomplices both took pleas and got 25 years with possibility of parole. After the trial we got to talk with the defendant’s lawyer. She filled us in with why he took the plea (to avoid life in prison) Victim’s family and fiance were in court every day. The victim’s mom hugged each of the jurors that stuck around and thanked us for serving. Apparently there is some thought that once a jury is seated, defendants realize it really is going to happen with what they are accused of and some are willing to take a plea. I swore afterward that I would always be with a “cheerful” attitude to serve (and then we moved to Phoenix and I was glad to be excused from it, but if I had to go in, I would have driven or taken public transportation or Uber to the court room). It was an experience I will never forget and 4 years afterward I am crying as I remember how grateful the victim’s mom was to us for serving and the hug she gave me.


  6. Betty: Mine isn’t a murder case, but it seems just as serious. I’ll know soon enough.

    I had mixed feelings about serving. I’m generally a pretty opinionated person–even if I never voice those opinions in public, but I’d like to think I’m also eminently fair minded.

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