Almost Bacon

The Ham Shot.

Jury duty starts tomorrow, so I’m catching up on all the things that need doing today. I don’t want you to think I’ve abandoned you, so I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Tilly, aka, Bacon.

She has gotten huge almost overnight. We thought we’d be putting her in the freezer in November, but at the rate she’s growing it most definitely will be sooner than that.

She’s a handful. I wondered for a while if we were just getting too old for pigs, but it’s not that at all. Our other pigs were never this much trouble. The last one lived in a plain old chicken-wire pen. Never once did she try to get out. The one before that was so gentle you could lead her anywhere.

Tilly looks for ways to create mayhem. She’d even go after the goats if she had the chance.

I’d say Tilly is well over 200 pounds now and stronger than a 20 year old man.

Tilly at 6 weeks old.
Tilly at 5 1/2 months old

What’s on your radar today? Did you get anything good on Amazon’s Prime Day? We got a couple of things for Greg’s grill, but I missed out on an air mattress I wanted to get. I forgot about it and didn’t go back in time to snatch it up. It was a good price too. Although we have 3 bedrooms, we’ve long considered getting an air bed for the next time we have extra overnight guests. Had my brother brought along more of his kids, we definitely would’ve needed it.




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  1. Angela Brown

    That is a perfect ham shot of Tilly. I meant to ask what you feed her. A former coworker of mine raised and butchered pigs for her meat and often took potluck left overs like pizza, casseroles, etc. to fees her pigs.

    I hope your jury duty is a fairly decent experience.

    • Angela: I need to do a post on what Tilly eats. LOL! Greg thinks I’m crazy–but that’s besides the point.

      Since the garden is in full production, I’ve been processing tomatoes, okra, and squash. I take the not so pretty veggies, the peelings and the tomato juice and cooking up a batch every few days. Tilly thinks she’s having Italian every night!

      I cook her eggs since I have so many too, and she loves weeds! Win-win. All of this goes on top of her regular bowl of pig food, so I know she gets a balanced diet.

  2. Stacy McKitrick

    Well… since you got picked for jury duty, hope it’s an interesting case. And a quick one.

    So…how much meat will you keep of Bacon? Do you get a butcher to do all the work?

    • Stacy:
      re: Do you get a butcher to do all the work?
      You know me better than that! LOL. We do it all. A pig is actually easier than a goat in my opinion. Greg will shoot her and we use an engine hoist to hold her up while we skin and part her out.

      Most everything will be used. Pig ears and offal for the dogs, Meat for us. Any leftover bits will be boiled down and fed to the chickens. This year I’d like to try to make my own cracklins, but we’ll see how tired I am when we finish.

  3. I imagine jury service came out of the blue. I spent my entire working life hoping to be called for jury service. Now I’m retired, I think I’d begrudge it. Hope yours is an interesting one. Just as well Tilly is never going to be on a porcine jury 🙂

  4. I have to admit it saddened me a bit that Tilly would be bacon, but that’s part of the homestead ;life you lead. Hope all goes well with the jury duty and it won’t be too long of a case. Do you get paid for it? We got $10 a day after the first day and something for mileage (can’t remember how much per mile).


    • Betty: Putting an animal in the freezer is never pleasant, but we aren’t vegetarians. All I can say with certainty is that our animals never suffer. We treat them well their entire lives and end it so quickly they’re gone before they eat hit the ground.

  5. Well I skipped amazon prime and I’ve been cutting grass and cleaning up the garden. Didn’t realize you raised pigs. We’ve talked about doing it and for whatever reason always decided against it. I told my husband though it would e fun to have a “Babe” pig at some point. But with where we’re headed I’m thinking goats might be a good idea to help us clear the brush. I’m more of a sheep gal but they’re very picky about what they eat. Hope you’re enjoying summer..

    • Carole: Goats are definitely the best for brush. We started with two goats in a large pen that was a virtual jungle. In four months it was entirely landscaped with trails and no hanging vines or brush.

      If you’re starting out with goats, I recommend the gentler Nubian. They’re sociable and easy to handle.

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