All Hands to the Pump: The Demolition Begins


The cabinet people called Friday to schedule their crew and install my new kitchen cabinets. I was no where near ready. I had hoped they would give me a week’s notice, but no such luck.

All weekend, I rushed around emptying my cabinets and putting everything into boxes. –Didn’t think I’d be doing that again for a long time! Thankfully, the boxes only have to move into the next room.

I moved here almost eight years ago, yet I still managed to accumulate a ton of clutter. The kitchen seems to be a catch-all for anything coming into the house.

Some of the clutter are duplicates or things that get tossed in a drawer for “safekeeping” then quickly forgotten, but some things are bulky items I might use only once or twice a year. There’s a punch bowl, a literal ton of cast iron cookware, Christmas serving pieces, and a large and odd collection of glassware.

There are the fancy water goblets that I’ve used maybe twice since I’ve been here. Then there are the pots and pans from Greg’s house. When mine wear out I’ll replace them with his. Until then, they’ll be stored in the attic. There were also entire drawer full of kitchen utensils that I use so rarely I’d forgotten I had them.

I have an insane amount of cookbooks. I didn’t realize I had that many. I’d hate to get rid of them, but I use maybe three or four–tops.


There are a lot of antiques in my clutter stash too. I found a gravy boat that I bought an antique auction decades ago. I never thought much of it. It was sold as part of a box lot. I looked it up and it’s worth $80 now. I think I spent five bucks for the whole box.

I’m sick of clutter, but I’m not ready to have another garage sale, so I’ll just store all this stuff for some other day. Before I put anything back in that kitchen, I plan to take a long hard look at what I’m putting back. If I don’t love it, or I haven’t used it in a year, it’s going in the attic.

Wish me luck this week. We’ll be without a working kitchen for at least 5-7 days. They’re supposed to put up plastic to keep the dust down in the rest of the house, but I suspect the entire house will need a thorough airing (and dusting) by the time they’re done. It’s bad enough our routine will be disrupted, but the poor dogs will be upset with strangers in the house too.

How are you with clutter? Do you sort out your junk drawers regularly? And if you don’t have a junk drawer, I don’t think we can be friends. LOL! You’re too perfect!


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  1. I have a junk drawer (and I rarely sort it at all), but I don’t keep food in it. Those fortune cookies would have been gone shortly after arriving at the house!! 🙂

    I swear, my whole house is clutter. When I clean, more stuff ends up in the basement. At one time Hubby sold stuff on ebay, but he doesn’t like to do that anymore. Too bad. Got lots of stuff that we could probably sell. 🙂

  2. I think we’re pretty good with clutter overall, but I bet if I went through closets and drawers, I’d find a ton more stuff I could donate/toss. I keep trying to focus on if I really like/love something and/or how often do I use it.

    Good luck this week! Maybe they’ll be able to get the cabinets done sooner than expected. Fingers crossed!

  3. JackieBCentralTexas

    Maria despite our good intentions and after being in our current home only 4 years, with everything we bought then new including clothing, we are currently really needing to purge my kitchen and our closets because somehow we have managed to accumulate things we never use. Or like yourself use maybe one time in the year.

    Clutter drawer, how about one for myself and one for my Mom and totally one for my husband which I try hard to keep organized but he keeps moving things hodgepodge so it gets messy again.

    As far as the dust issue your instinct is correct you will still have a mess, just maybe not as bad as it would be otherwise if the contractors did not seal your other areas out from the kitchen work zone.

    Being summer and needing to use the AC some of those tiny particles will probably get sucked into the vents, even if they block the ones in the work area, and spread easier than otherwise.

    • Jackie: I hadn’t even thought about the air vents. Yup. That dust will go everywhere now.

      I’m beginning to rethink the ‘one time a year’ things and wonder if there’s any way to do without them entirely. For example, the punch bowl is nice, but we haven’t had a big party in ages. If we ever have another one, it might be easier to borrow one.

  4. I have a junk drawer, but thankfully its a small one so I can’t let it get too overflowing 🙂 I bet the cabinets will be nice, but I would not like the process of them getting installed, LOL. I think I mentioned before, but I don’t like workmen in the house, though I know it is a necessary evil at times. Hope the work goes smoothly and gets done on time!


  5. New cabinets are on our spring list of needed fix-ups. I got rid of some cookbooks last winter but still have too many. I’ve been getting rid of clutter a lot the last twelve months. If I could get my children to get their things out of here, it would look pretty good.

    • Susan: I went back and forth for a couple of years trying to decide if I could freshen them on my own or get them professionally done.

      I finally admitted to myself that they had been refinished too many times. If I did it this time it would mean every piece would have to be stripped down to bare wood.

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