Accidents, Laziness, Healthy Eating, and Garage Sales

painting1Saturday night as I was frying something, grease splattered and hit me in the face. I have several burns on my face and arm now. It still smarts!

I did what I could, cooling the burns right away then dabbing the welts with burn ointment. The older I get the more I realize every scar is a testament to me surviving another accident. Ha! I’m a mess.

I’ve been thinking of my health (and Greg’s health) a lot lately. My chronic nerve pain is back due to my own laziness. I simply don’t stretch enough or as deeply as when I attended yoga faithfully. Why is it something has to smack me before I’m willing to fix the problem?

I spent years trying to find a treatment for this chronic pain. I finally found the answer in yoga and as soon as I stopped going, I went back to my old ways. There’s always a good reason. Too busy. Too tired. Too absorbed in something else. It takes serious pain to knock the sense back in.

Last week, Greg and I watched Hungry For Change. It’s free to watch if you have Amazon Prime. The beginning was a little tedious because they kept repeating sound bites but it got better as it went along. What I took away from it was that the way to healthier eating is to eat whole foods.

Processed foods are the killers and we’re surrounded by them in things we simply take for granted. Although we eat more whole foods now that I cook from scratch, we could do better. That’s one reason I decided to include more fish in my weekly menus.

We had talked about getting a juicer but I’m at a loss on which is the right one to buy. The good ones are kind of expensive, and I’m still not sure if I’ll be good about juicing.

Yes, I’ll admit, juicing is way healthier and a more concentrated form of nutrients, but will I like it? Other than V-8 juice and fruit juice, I’ve never really juiced. It sounds like it will be a lot of trial and error until I find the right combination of veggies and fruits that I’ll like. (I’m sure Greg will be easier to please than me.)

Can anyone shed their experience? Have you ever juiced? Can you recommend a dependable juicer? I kind of like the Breville JE98XL juicer. It seems to have some excellent reviews anyway.

I’ve heardΒ  a lot about the Magic Bullet NutriBullet. It’s cheaper, but it has a much smaller motor so I worry about how long it would last.

From the research I’ve done, you want something with a powerful motor that will masticate the fruits and vegetables slower so it can juice more thoroughly.

I keep hoping I’d find one at a garage sale, but nothing yet. Despite being an avid garage saler, it seems remarkable I’ve yet to find one.

Speaking of garage sales, I hit upon a good one for artwork. They’re reproductions, but I found three oil paintings with great ornate frames. I’m still looking for more landscapes, but those are usually priced dear. Good paintings are few and far between.


I’ve had the good fortune to decorate nearly my whole house with garage sale finds. I’m willing to bet I haven’t even spent $150 on all the art in my house. Off the top of my head that’s for a dozen paintings that are hanging right now, four I’ve grown tired of, and another dozen pieces of sculpture and ceramics.

I’m patient when it comes to decorating. I only buy stuff I truly love–and then only if it’s cheap. I’ve only ever spent serious money on two dog figurines, but they were exceptional.

Thoughts on juicers or healthier eating? Do you ever go to garage sales? What kind of stuff do you look for?

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  1. Marianne

    I had a juicer, but it was physically painful for me to see all that lovely fiber be wasted. I eventually gave it away, and now I do smoothies in my Vitamix (DH bought a reconditioned, professional grade for me one Christmas — best gift EVER). I know some folks swear by juicing, but it just wasn’t for me. But investing in a high quality blender makes ALL the difference. My smoothies are silky and I barely have to chop up anything. Re: chronic pain — I am right there with you. My sciatica is ridiculous. I lose feeling in my right hand and arm, too, if I sit too long. For a couple of weeks, I lived on pain meds (which I HATE). I know yoga helps. I know the chiropractor helps. But do I make time? …. *sigh* Good luck!

  2. Marianne: At least you’ve narrowed it out for me. Better to get the more powerful juicer.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the fiber wasted. What doesn’t juice, will go to the chickens or goats.

    re: yoga
    I thought about why I didn’t stretch on my own too much and now I know why. When I had a regular yoga class it forced me to participate. It’s expensive (at least mine is) so I went to class regularly. That and it was more encouraging to be among other people striving to do better too.

    By myself, I felt alone with no one to encourage or help me. I’ve tried to get Greg to work with me, but that falls on deaf ears.

  3. Oh, ouch! I had that happen once, but it was boiling sugar that splattered up and hit me in the face. Not pleasant. I totally recommend aloe for everything burny.

    I don’t do garage sales anymore, but I do hit the thrift shop whenever I get a chance. I’ve found almost all the decor for this house at those. A few nice oil paintings and plenty of prints, plus pretty glassware. All on the cheap. Yay.

  4. BE: I didn’t even realize that boiling sugar could splatter that far. I’ve got some ointment they gave Greg after his motorcycle accident. It seems to work well, but I’m sure I’ll still have scars.

    re: thrift stores
    I rarely have good luck at them, but I think it has to do with location. I had better luck when I frequented one near work. It was huge and always had a good selection. Since then I’ve never scored anything to write home about.

  5. I used to go to garage sales, back when the kids were little. Then we upgraded to auctions, when we were looking to furnish our larger home (got some EXCELLENT deals on bedroom and dining room furniture). Now I just want to get rid of stuff, so I don’t bother going to garage sales anymore.

    Hope your burn feels better soon!

  6. I’m so sorry you’re hurt. Burns are awful – I’m just glad yours is not even more serious than it is.

    Regarding juicing: my two cents is to play devil’s advocate. I KNOW it’s popular and thousands of people swear by it. But we are much better off EATING our nutrients, not drinking them. Instead of throwing those carrots, apples, leaves, whatever, into a juicer, try eating them. Blanch or roast them if you want, add herbs and salt, but give yourself the health advantages that come from chewing food and letting your body, rather than a machine, do most of the digesting. An active, healthy gut is essential to great, overall health. It starts with chewing.

    • Marlene: What you say is true, but I don’t think I could eat as many fruits and vegetables as I could condensed in a smoothie. I’m a veggie-holic but I get full. If I can drink more of the nutrients, even if it’s only once a day, I think it might help to avoid snacking at night.

      Plus, when my garden is overflowing, I end up composting or feeding the animals with the veggies we couldn’t eat.

  7. Cooking burns are a pain. I dab a little honey on mine if they’re small, and that seems to help them heal faster (disclaimer: always seek medical advice from your doctor first!)

    We don’t juice at all. My daughter wants me to buy that Magic Bullet for her, but I think it will end up gathering dust like the blender — and thanks for pointing out the motor size issue. I buy organic juice occasionally, but it’s expensive, so maybe I should invest and make my own.

    I sometimes pick up small artworks at shows in the area, but I use quilts and my own photographs as most of our wall art. In some cases the quilts even work as bulletin boards, as you can see here at my daughter’s work desk:

    • Lynn: When Greg had his motorcycle accident the doc gave him a great ointment to treat the road rash. He recuperated very fast. I’m hoping it will at least lessen the scars on me.

      re: Magic Bullet
      That’s why I’d rather find it at a garage sale or thrift store. If it turns out we won’t use it, I can always turn around and donate it again to charity.

  8. Be careful with those grease fire burns! One of the new accounts I type for does involve burn clinic patients. It makes me more paranoid than I normally am around things that could cause injury.

    My son got into juicing for a very short period of time. What I found about it is the amount of veggies needed to get an adequate amount of juice and then obviously the cost of them. What he juiced I enjoyed sampling. Plus it was really messy to clean up after. Some people “swear” about its great benefits, but so far I’m not one of them. I do agree eating more whole food and less processed is the way to go.


    • Betty: Why is it the kids are the most into this? I guess they like gadgets.

      We always grow a big garden, so I think the cost can be absorbed easily at my house. I might need to visit one of these smoothie huts and see if I like the combinations.

  9. Hello from the wilds of the Lake District – the pheasant inn, lake Bassenthwaite to be precise. Ref juicers I wouldn’t give them the time of day. I think you discard much of the goodness with the fibre. We had/have one because our daughter wanted one. It’s now collecting dust. Ref burns, you can’t beat a good exploding boiled condensed milk tin. A friend, not me. Ref yoga, just do it Put a turban on Greg, call him Swami and make him your coach

    • Mike: So that’s where you’ve been! No moss gathers on your feet.

      Kids really love these gadgets. The few times I’ve gone past these smoothie stores, they were packed with young people.

      re: exploding can
      Suddenly my grease burns don’t sound all that bad. Yikes!

  10. Hope the burns are better!

    I always say I’m going to do yoga but then never do. Maybe I don’t want to bad enough? I am doing more walking/running and having a 5K as a deadline helps keep me motivated to keep training (I use the term “training” loosely.) πŸ™‚

    • Madeline: It’s the camaraderie I think. It helps to have other people there to keep you going.

      The other thing too, is that it forces me to go there and spend an hour all to myself. Left to my own devices I’m always doing something for someone else.

  11. So sorry to hear about the burns. I won’t deep fry for just that reason. I’m too clumsy.

    Juicing doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather eat a salad than clean a juicing machine πŸ™‚ But healthy eating is a chore whatever we choose. Worth it, but ugh. Good luck!

  12. And that’s why I don’t cook bacon naked. What? TMI?

    Okay, get yourself back in regular yoga classes and when your back feels better, go treat yourself to some art bargain shopping. (Sorry, I have no knowledge about juicers to share.)

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