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When I was a teenager, sunflowers 96I went on a class trip to an Amish farm. From then on, this city girl was bound and determined to someday having a homestead of my own.

I taught myself to cook because we couldn’t afford restaurants—that and I didn’t want to starve to death.

I took up gardening thinking it would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I ever humbled! All hail the farmer. Where would we be without people who know how to coax a bounty out of bare earth?

I taught myself to sew. Okay…that wasn’t too successful, but hey, I tried.

Fortunately, I have a natural affinity for animals. Raising farm animals has been the easiest part of this homestead life.

You win some. You lose some.

My name is Maria Zannini. I’m a self-taught homesteader and a university-trained graphic artist. I write books! I design book covers. I blog about saving money, gardening, cooking, and recycling.

Did I mention I like to save money? You’ll see a lot of posts about that.

greg, coop,cropped
Greg is always building something.
Greg and baby iko snoozing
Greg and baby Iko snoozing







I share my journey with my better half, Greg, love of my life and a pain in my keester. We’ve been married a long time—a very long time.




new babies  one of each garden spider

Greg and new friendspotatoes

americauna chicks, 96

Nana and Lucy, the goat

We also share our home with two crazy dogs. Nana, the border collie, who wants to rule the world, and Iko, the Rottweiler who thinks he’s an itty-bitty lap dog. (He is not.)

Both are rescues. Come to think of it, almost all the dogs we’ve had over the years are rescues. How about that?

I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope you’ll tell your friends. I link a lot, so if you find something interesting about saving money, saving the earth, or saving our sanity, email me. If I can use it, I’ll be sure to give you credit.

Visit often and comment if you can.  I believe in community. Join me!

Iko, grown up
Iko. All 110lbs of him.
tank & iko, in loving memory
In Loving Memory of Tank, Iko’s big brother














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