A Little Housekeeping

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You guys have been so great. Thank you for the warm welcome and for putting up with me while I’m familiarizing myself with a new platform.

I’m still tweaking a couple of things, so if you left a comment and you don’t see it, chances are it got put in the time-out box for being suspiciously normal.

Yesterday, I found several of you having a party in there until I rescued you. :o)

Subscribing to posts: I hope to have the email subscription signup working by Monday. If not, I’ll have to start over with another plugin. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Subscribing to comments: I can’t see what you’re seeing so I’m going to assume it’s like when I subscribe to other people’s WordPress blogs. Either way, you should be able to subscribe to comments just by clicking the drop down box under “Receive Email Notifications?“.

CommentLuv: If you have a blog, make sure you click the little box next to CommentLuv so your latest posts show up. I talked to someone at CommentLuv Central and he said CommentLuv needs to “hear” the click on the check box before it’ll add your link, so make sure it’s the last thing you do before you hit Post Comment.

Keep emailing me if anything looks weird. A great big shout out to Rebekah Loper and Jenny Schwartz for helping me wade through these plugins. And to Madeline Mora-summonte for letting me know some of you were trapped in limbo.

I’m cleaning house as fast as I can!


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  1. There’s actually two options for comment notifications on my end – the dropdown list (right above the ‘post comment’ button), and two more checkbox options for ‘notify me of follow-up comments via/by email’ under commentluv. The checkbox ones look like they’re part of the commentluv plug-in, but I could be wrong.

    You might open an incognito window of your browser and poke through your site yourself like that, so you’re seeing what we’re seeing. I’ve found this to be a great way to see how things are actually showing up for someone who’s not a logged-in administrator. 🙂

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