7 Money-Saving Hacks


The battery hack is kind of cool. Would you split your wifi bill with a neighbor? Is that even legal?


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  1. Spooky synchronicity. Just bought 6 LED light-bulbs this morning! It wasn’t just a case of the eco jitters. We have two fitments in a long room and each fitment takes three 40 watt light bulbs ie 240 watts all together. On one circuit/wire whatever you call it. Problem was, when one bulb went it made a small explosive noise and set off the tripwire which shut off all the downstairs lights. In theory with LED and its lower demands this should be a thing of the past. I just got fed up with the early morning Russian roulette every time I switched on the damn lights. Being the old, cheap bulbs, you could guarantee one of the six would blow about every three weeks and give sleepy Mike a bit of a heart jolt 🙂

  2. When we lived in California and had a high water bill, hubby put the plastic containers in the toilets. That and really being careful about using water (like turning off water while we were in the shower washing and then turning on for rinsing) cut our bill in half the next month.

    I wouldn’t share Internet with a neighbor. I’m not sure if it is legal or not but because I rely on it so importantly for work (like I need reliable service 8 hours a day), I would be afraid it might be spotty at best. Better to “bite the bullet” and pay for that myself 🙂

    One thing I’m terrible about is leaving my computer on all day, now I’m trying to put it in sleep mode or turn it off between times I’m using it.


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