How Do You Like Your Burgers

Greg might prefer we had steak more often, but I like burgers–the homemade ones.

I found this YouTube video and felt inspired and a little nostalgic for the burgers my father used to make. Of the four, I think I like the French version of the hamburger the best, though I’m fine with raw or sautéed onions.


Although my mother was the main cook in the family, my father was the gourmet even with something as plebian as hamburgers.

He used to grind his own beef, then he’d dice finely chopped onions and bell pepper and work it into the meat and seasoned it to perfection. He’d fry it on a cast iron griddle complete with char marks. I marveled at how he knew how each of his children liked their burgers. Mine was always rare.

My father was a waiter at some of the poshest restaurants in Chicago, but his passion was cooking. He spent all his free time watching the chefs. We loved it when he’d try some new recipe he’d learned. He taught us a real appreciation for food.

It makes me laugh when I hear kids today being picky eaters. There was no such thing in my day–at least not in our house, and there were six of us. We tried everything from frog legs to steak tartare. I think steak tartare is how I learned my appreciation for meat cooked rare.

Greg used to like his meat well done because that’s the way he was raised, but I quickly disabused him of that idea. Now he eats his meat nearly as rare as I do.

How do you like your burgers? Were you a picky eater or did your parents make you eat what you were given?

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  1. In my house, you ate what was served or you didn’t eat, and your plate better be clean. Period. I was still kind of picky, though, which meant I found ingenious ways to get around eating things like peas and liver. Oh, I ate it (except when I hid it under the plate or in my napkin… until I got caught).

    I like my burgers medium rare. Hubs prefers well done for burgers, even though he likes steak medium rare. And I use our Foreman grill for burgers now. Always. Quick and easy and so good. Just meat. A little salt (or season salt, if I’m feeling frisky) and a little pepper. Done.

  2. We ate what we were given and that included every kind of offal – liver, kidneys, and stuffed hearts. The latter were as tough as boiled shoe leather. We also ate ox tails and tripe. Burgers? A new fangled American luxury in my Liverpool childhood 🙂

  3. Burgers made with raw sliced sweet yellow or bermuda onion, mustard, lettuce, pickle and tomato slices are pretty standard for us. Homemade or from Whataburger are preferred but if at a restaurant who serves handmade cooked to order burgers my husband and I prefer medium well done and my mother wants hers cooked to death.

    Growing up had the privilege of being picky eater but mostly ate what was served as our meals were pretty non-adventurous. After growing up have learned to love foods would not touch before my 20’s.

    If had a choice of the four on the video would either choose the burger Mexico or American style with meat just a bit pink.

    • Jackie: I love the 1015 onions on burgers. They are the best onions.

      re: picky
      We weren’t allowed to be picky. Either they never served anything we didn’t like, or we didn’t think we had the option to refuse. 😀

  4. I want a hamburger 🙂 I like mine medium well done. Lately we’ve cheated and bought the pre made patties, but I don’t serve a lot of hamburgers these days since son works at a restaurant famous for their burgers and he’s a bit burnt out on them. I was not a picky eater. Like I mentioned before, step grand daughter is. We are trying to get wee one not to be one, but it is funny to watch his discrimination in the food presented to him. If he doesn’t like the texture of something off it goes to the floor. However, we will persist and keep offering him what is on the table and not cater to only selective foods we think he might like 🙂

    • Betty: Yeah. It’s kind of tough if you’re surrounded by the same food you serve at home. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around babies, but I guess that’s the way to broaden their palette. Keep giving them the right food until they accept it.

      I remember my sister never giving her babies any sweet drinks. To this day, they prefer water over sweet drinks.

  5. Dang. I didn’t get here till early this morning and now I want a hamburger for breakfast.

    I like pretty much anything on my burger but my little bit of heaven is when Stan is manning the grill. What is it about a burger cooked outside on a grill that makes it so good?

  6. I was only picky with vegetables. I still hate their texture. My mom made me eat them, but I would swallow them whole. She started making peas with every meal, even if the other people had carrots or something because she figured they were safer for me to swallow. 🙂 And also, she really liked peas where my dad preferred carrots or green beans, so I guess it worked out.

    • Barbara: I’ll make you a deal. i’ll eat your veggies and you can have the main dish. 🙂

      I loved veggies since I was a little kid. Our neighbors used to ask my mother her secret for getting me to eat vegetables. She told them I was just weird. LOL!

  7. Stacy McKitrick

    I have this Canadian seasoning I got from Gordon Food Service that is great in hamburger. I need something in it (if only Worcestershire sauce), otherwise it’s kind of…meh. I only like ketchup, onions, and lettuce on my burgers, though (and they’re great on onion buns). Keep the mustard, tomatoes, and pickles OFF. I’d eat it with mayo, but it has too many calories so I try to keep it off.

    I was a fairly picky eater, at a restaurant or with take out. My mother wasn’t an elaborate cook (probably because she wouldn’t waste her time with meals no one would eat), but I refused to eat her meatloaf (when she put green peppers in it) or macaroni & cheese (which now I love–go figure). One thing she made that I loved? Artichokes! I loved dipping those leaves in butter and scraping off the soft ends with my teeth.

  8. Stacy: Greg likes steak seasoning on his too. I’m a minimalist with seasoning. Salt is enough.

    re; artichokes
    That’s wild! I’ve never had the luxury of dipping artichoke leaves. I’ve always had them marinated.

    One day I might try growing them.

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