25 Things That Are Way More Expensive Than They Should Be

Where do I begin my rant? Some things I will pay the primo price–like my foam bed, but that’s only because it’s the only thing that lets me sleep comfortably. The rest is a moot point because I’d rather do without than pay blood money. The only expense where I’m really stuck is when my picky husband wants a new Apple anything.

Is there anything you’ve bought that you know costs more than it should?

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  1. Maria there have been a few smaller items here and there where we have bought things way overpriced simply because it was convenient at that time.

    The last thing that applies to was a few years ago my husband bought me a Colorado logo coffee mug in the airport on his way home from a work trip he took. Of course it cost twice as much there as it would have somewhere else but it was a nice gesture and makes an excellent pen/pencil holder on my desk by my computer.

  2. Gift wrap — in most stores it’s insanely pricey. Now I make my own from paper I recycle (when I have time), or get a roll from the Dollar Store.

    Quilt binding — It’s convenient, but totally overpriced. I make my own, or buy vintage quilt binding in lots from antique textile Etsy dealers for about a tenth of what it costs new.

    Anything Swarovski — the king of crystal beads, pearls and little art objects; they charge a king’s ransom for their products. I buy the same beads for half the price from Fire Mountain gems.

    Pet Oatmeal Flea & Tick Shampoo — it’s ten times more expensive than human shampoo! I get it a little cheaper by buying the biggest container. So far I’ve found no substitute for the brand that keeps my pups flealess without drying out their fur or skin.

    Olive oil — you can pay more for a decent olive oil than you would for a good bottle of wine. I wait until the market has a buy 1 get 1 free deal and stock up.

    Lysol Spray — The market wants $8 for it now, which I won’t pay. I buy mine at WalMart for half the price.

    Stevia — It’s gotten so pricey I’m tempted to grow my own. For now I buy the store brand, which is the cheapest.

    Pizza — most people don’t seem to realize that what you get for $12.00 takeout you can make yourself for about $3.00. I make my own, and use better ingredients.

    Chipotle — same thing as takeout pizza. I can make just about anything they do for a third of the price.

    Baked Goods — I won’t buy them anymore, they’ve gotten so expensive. Example: for Easter I made a cheesecake for about $4 that would have cost me $15 at the market.

    • Lynn: Oh, you brought up so many good ones.

      re: pet shampoo
      I don’t have to worry about fleas and ticks too much here, but I have to admit to washing them with people shampoo. Baby shampoo is best, but I try not to bathe them more than once a month so as not to dry out their skin.

      re: olive oil
      Have you heard of the controversy over fake olive oil? Apparently there’s a big racket in olive oil and major producers are blending oils so they can sell it cheaper, yet it’s not pure olive oil. I think the Justice department is getting involved but who knows if and when this gets resolved. I’ve read that Costco’s Kirkland brand is pure olive oil and it’s a reasonable price.

      re: Stevia
      You know, I grew it for a while, but we never used it so I ended up letting it die out. The leaves do taste sweet though. I was surprised.

      re: food
      Yes. Yes. Yes. There’s a blog post in there somewhere about restaurant food. 🙂

  3. Jenny Schwartz

    Pajamas! I just had that shock. Priced them at my local department store: $140. Good grief! So I went to Kmart … $20. Seven times the price in a middle of the range department store was outrageous!

  4. I didn’t watch the video, but my “pet peeve” about expensive things is water in a movie theater. How can someone charge $4.00 (or more) for something that you can get in a flat of 24 water bottles for under $2.00 at the grocery store.


  5. My brother didn’t fall sucker to the wedding thing. Registry Office, Guests: parents and one brother told the night before, one set of grandparents told on the morning itself because they bumped into them accidentally while buying the ring. Meal at a Carvery. Been married 38 years. Ref cartridges and gillette. Agree totally, but what really bugs me are glasses. I’m very short sighted in one eye and to get engineered lenses, strong but thin you’re talking the cost of a small computer. I keep getting emails advertising free eye tests but ignore them because I can’t cheerfully afford the consequences 🙂

    • Mike: We didn’t do the whole wedding thing either. A judge married us, and then we were off for a quick family luncheon. I’ve never regretted it. I still cringe about the $10,000 wedding dress a friend bought–for ONE day. It’s ridiculous.

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