25 Simple Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

This one has some pretty good tips. I’m afraid the one about getting trapped underwater in your car would be lost on me. I can’t swim! I’m doomed either way.

Can you swim? Do you keep a trash container in your car?

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  1. JackieBCentralTexas

    Maria I could swim 5 years ago but am not sure about now as extreme temperatures have an adverse on using my legs and arms as well. For instance if the water was icy neither one would work after being immersed for less than a minute, rather they would spasm and curl up into useless appendages. Extreme heat would cause the same reaction.

    So guess if a vehicle went in the water I would have a 50/50 chance of making it, if could even manage to get the seat back off to break the glass with anyway.

    Trash container takes up too much room, use a cloth grocery bag in ours as it is smaller and easier to empty as needed.

  2. Damnit to hell. Twenty five tips are too many. Every so often, I’d nod my head – ‘that’s a good one’ and then two or three tips later forget it. And no, I’m not going to be totally sad and jot them down. No. I refuse 🙂

    • Mike: Many of these are just another way to recycle, but I didn’t know about the head rest. Mostly likely if I’m caught underwater, I will probably panic and forget this anyway. Try not to think ill of me when I’m gone. 🙂

  3. I was certified as a lifeguard in my teens, but my arthritic shoulders make swimming a challenge now. If you’re worried I suggest keeping a pair of floaties in your glove compartment or tucked under the front seat.

    I keep a little plastic trash bag in my car, but no one but me uses it. 🙁

  4. Can’t swim, but like Lynn’s idea about putting floaties in the car. I might just do that!

    I don’t have a trash bag in my car, and my car is clean. I usually put trash in the cup holder and take it with me when I leave the vehicle.

  5. I think I could make it to the surface, if I wasn’t too weighted down by heavy clothes, but I better not be too far from shore of I’m a goner.

    One nice thing about driving a convertible…you get used to never leaving loose trash in the car or it will start blowing everywhere as soon as you hit the highway.

  6. I can swim, but I’m not a strong swimmer. I know my limitations and I like swimming in a pool where I can see the edges if I need them. I think I would perish if I was in a trapped car and trying to get out.


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