10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Phone

Some cool info on what smart phones can do.

I’ve accidentally taken screen shots but I never knew how I did it. 🙂 The tip about blocking stalkers is good too.

I’m not particularly savvy with smart phones, but it’s been very useful out in the boonies. The only bad thing about this phone is that it has poor reception inside my house because of the radiant barrier under my roof.

I always tell people to text me if they really have to reach me. Texts will go through.

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  1. Maria I actually simplified and went back to a flip phone, no longer worry about internet addiction as it does not allow me to go online.

    Some of the hacks are new to me and thanks for finding the video as can share it’s tips with my husband for using with his IPhone 6 Plus.

    • Jackie: I use the smart phone for three things: internet (because we lose our power so often), GPS, and the built in camera. But as long as one of you has one, you really don’t need two, right? Costs a lot less too.

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